Iran accuses US of undermining nuclear deal with sanctions

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Iran accuses US of undermining nuclear deal with sanctions

Iran has accused the US of trying to undo the nuclear deal by imposing tough new sanctions. The agreement – signed in 2015 – limited Iran’s nuclear programme in exchange for sanctions relief. The issue was mentioned as Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei officially endorsed Hassan Rouhani as president for a second term.

Al Jazeera’s Duncan Crawford explains.

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Dark Light says:

Congress should be Gathering of extremely stupid idiots.

Karrie Murray says:


Shervin Prince says:

Iran leader knew Americans are liars and they r not standing on their promises……. They always bring excuses for breaking their promises…… But Iran president believed in Americans…… At last it proved to everybody that Iran leader know American better than anybody else……THE TRUTH IS THAT ISRAEL HAS TOO MUCH INFLUENCE IN US GOVERNMENT AND THEY DECIDE FOR AMERICANS….. TRUMP IS JUST A PUPPET FOR ISRAELIS…… ALL OF USA DEBTS IS BCOZ OF THE WARS THAT ISRAELIS CAUSED IT …….. And AT LAST USA WILL BE DESTROYED JUST BCOZ OF ISRAELIS

ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

oh is iran not beheaving anymore? is the usa angry that the iranian regime fights their beloved isil and al nusra in syria and iraq?
these iranians are grown up with sanctions that the usa made for iran 40 years ago and they will survive

Coco says:

murica needs an enemy… without enemies, its military industrial complex wont work… tax money would then go to more constructive projects but that dont bode well because the elites cant profit from it

ii waad sheekada says:

Iran would be a better country if they get rid of this old fart

David Bower says:

Trump is an idiot, the current deal is working well, one of the few genuine successes of the Obama presidency, and if he continues to challenge Iran and threaten them such as by having American warships opening fire on a small Iranian patrol boat just off their coast then of course they are going to resent America even more. America needs to stop behaving like an empire, and fighting wars for profit thousands of miles overseas, and instead concentrate on more important domestic issues such as ensuring single payer healthcare, a real living wage for all and debt free education.

FreemanicParacusia says:

Secular Talk did some good segments on this.

FRADA frada says:

The americain criminelle regime must be wipped by muslimes union power.

CJPolitics925 says:

the sanctions does violate the Nuclear Deal. all sources say "Iran accuses" to appease the west. just be honest.

American Marxist says:

Good, the US shouldn't be harboring hundreds of war crimes in its arsenal.

Charles Kesner says:

US undermines its own best interest.

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