Lizza: Scaramucci call was ‘most unusual’

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CNN contributor Ryan Lizza discusses his late-night phone call with former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci.


dan wald says:

I don't know why trump and his team still speaks with cnn

William Smith says:

SO much FAKE NEWS today from CNN

HTx. Smokey says:

Trumptards they don't like it so they call it fake and talk shit…

Granny Loca says:

cnn didn't you get memo?this is old news,but I guess even day old fake news is now your norm.Lmfao

mccarraa says:

I don't like CNN moving background

ytrnjdikzgt says:

Scaramucci is very handsome man btw. Don't beat him so hard, women. Admit, you LIKE him as a man. Just pass further.

Alvin Monero says:

Counterfeit News Network (CNN) is FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!

PUFFY ADDERSON'S 'FAKE NEWS' trolling channel says:

Yes i thought he was a weirdo too!!!!

Camer Pikin says:

This is the Guy Trump Hired to do "Communication" for him. Let that sink in.

julian hobrough says:

For all those who make idiotic conments below – Go to >>> Mother Jones > read – 'A Chilling Theory on Trump's Non-Stop Lies'. Trump's not that smart, but he is naturally chaotic, since a kid in fact. It just so happens that his innate pathology dovetails conveniently with Putin's 'Firehose of Falsehood'. And of course this technique was initiated by Putin's close advisor, Vladislav Kursov. It's the old divide and conquer, but for the digital age. So I suggest – Read, study, think.

KhmerAmeric Mr T says:

No loyalty, no sanity, and no more Scary-Moochee. Ouch!

Jaylen Adams says:

Mechanical provision maintenance blade aircraft urban hard.

Joseph McCracken says:

Ryan lizza verbally abuses conservative women

Zep Tepi says:

Scaramucci is mucho scary.

BlueBerryBlue says:

When the trump cult says its "fake" it means it's true.When they replace "Trump" with "cnn" it means Trump did it.Trump is misleading the people and keeps hurting America with his hatred and treason! Mulder is gonna get him!!!

Troy Ronalds says:

CNN consistently attempts to demoralize and dehumanize those that work on behalf of American citizens instead of CNN's corporate sponsors and media pimps.

FiREFLYSerenity408 says:

CNN…what's that?!?! THE ANSWER: The king of fake news and a nothing burger.

LightArrow9688 says:

Down with CNN like if you agree

Bill MacDollars says:

Fake phone call smh

Firstpo jkh says:

Can someone plese tell Brooke that nobody cares about CNN and its fake news ?

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