Milo and Alex Jones: Feminism Is A Cancerous Anti Women Sex Bot That Wants To Destroy The Family

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Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos talk about his sex bot prediction and how 3rd wave feminism is destroying the should of men, women and families.
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Molliesy Friend says:

As time passes the ugly feminist will die out. There are real women out there and men are falling in love with them.

juntao11 says:

Alex is sucking Milo off

HardyHoot says:

These videos with Milo are REALLY fun. I enjoyed them a lot.

Beavernator says:

Placeboing needs to do a "Wash Ya ASS!!!" remix…

Fed up American says:

When men can make an artificial uterus to work, women will be on their own. Women will sell their eggs at high cost. Men will buy them and raise their kids on their own. The ones I feel badly for are the old fashioned women who really love the family life. Feminists destroy everything they touch.

uselessdata uselessdata says:

After watching John Oliver's hit peace I bought Caveman.

Kwame West says:

Homophobic Christians need to start being Christlike. Not everyone who is patriotic and pro Maga pro free speech is a Christian, there are lots of gay, trans, black, hispanic and even ex-Muslims who are on our side…so let's unify and be the example of tolerance, that's what it will take to keep the radical left at bay and keep winning…we need to unify based on our common interests in opposition to the left, not focus on superficial differences and be as divided as the liberals are.

J Greenwood says:

FEMINISTS…Gay and Trannies have a HIGH RATE OF DEPRESSION & SUICIDE. Hmmmm wonder why? High number of women have become unfeminine, manly, hate men, but want to be like men. WHAT?? High number of men have become effeminate, they HATE women, but they want to be a woman? WHAT?? This video is so strange! Alex needs to read His Bible!

Freedom fordave says:

I love how Alex really wanted Milo to look at the camera, in order to speak directly to the viewer – Alex tried to make it subtle haha and Milo didn't pick up on the hints :') still a great chat! Great to see you both expose your viewers to each other…the more the merrier

Monica Carter says:


tammy edwards says:

Milo is such a patriot!

Marcus Clarke says:

I stand with women who are against feminism ! This foolishness nerfs to go..

Glenn Howden says:

Hyenas are the perfect matriarchal society.

Donna Hepworth says:

I love Milo!

Benjamin Hanna says:

0:310:33 that is all i need

Android 17 says:

MIlo so wants to bury his cock in AJ'

IronWhoaMan says:

all I know is, today's fagatronics between milo and alex was extremely nauseating, alex needs to stop the fag virtue signaling or he is going to lose his audience male and female alike

//On the Edge of Infinity\ says:

I'm sorry, but no robot can simulate the soft feeling of a beautiful titty.

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