Milo Yiannopoulos Interview: Identity Politics, Universities & the Left (Part 3)

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Milo Yiannopoulos discusses the left’s identity politics, the social justice control of campus culture, and why his university tours are so important.



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Jase M says:

Too bad milo l wasn't born in United States he would make a excellent president of the United States

TwentyPercentDash says:

I'm not gay, but I'd spread my ass cheeks wide open for Milo

Gaydolf Hitler says:

glad to see Milo still exists

Watts says:

The whole interview was great, but this section was the most fun. RM always scores the best guests…

Dino Con says:

I think it's very wrong to say that white people should not advocate for their in-group preferences and ethnic interests. That's like saying that working as a coherent and coordinated team will not get you anywhere.

PokeTrainer_Alex says:

Gosh hes such a daddy

Resurgent Shad says:

omg he's so cute~ Hey Milo~ Heard you like black guys~ Am I too mixed for you?

Adan Lawn says:

he's gay?

Cyin Wong says:

@roaming millennial: any plans on interviewing Ben Shapiro in the near future? Btw, just found out your channel two days ago and loved it!

Patches O'houlihan says:

* buys Dangerous just to troll people irl *

yaksher says:

I passed a Harvard Extension School placement test with an essay that was not only written poorly enough that I would be surprised if it passed regardless of my opinion, but also so right-wing and pro-income inequality that I would have had good grounds to claim that I only didn't get passed because I disagreed with them and not because I wrote a bad essay. I talked about how income inequality was a good thing and how high taxes were bad and I still passed. I'm genuinely surprised.

A Sinner says:

One Zionist Shill talking to another directing minds from the real (((issues))).

Bulwark AC says:

To paraphrase "Buy my book and carry it around just to trigger people." That is okay with me.

oTheGalacZo says:

Newfound respect for Milo. Loved him as a troll, love him as a person.

Spencer Loncar says:

He needs to talk about what's happening at primary and secondary schoola

panther105 says:

Around and around it goes……Nothing new…..

Supreme Lord Commander says:

Zionist media. You've been warned…

The Dragon Lord says:

Milo I love you so much man if you do ever see this comment if I ever see you in person it would be an honor and privilege to give you a hug and I'm a straight white man. And I also have a really wonderful kind-hearted sweet gay friend that I care about very much. But he's not on the left at all he's just himself.

The Dragon Lord says:

I'm not going to lie the only reason why I would for example say white power or do the hail Hitler hand salute in public not that I support any of that but because it irritates and offends people and that is the only reason why I would consider doing that or even wearing a swastika or something like that just to prove Beyond Reasonable Doubt these are just symbols they're not actions and symbols words do not hurt people actions do and that's what the liberal left or just in general the left needs to realize. But you will never change these people do you know why because they are communists

The Dragon Lord says:

Honestly speaking if I had millions of dollars I would donate millions of dollars to help white men in colleges and only white men get a higher education because Milo yiannopoulos is completely right white men in colleges are under privileged harassed and oppressed.

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