“Russia Paid The Firm Responsible For Fake Trump Dossier” Sarah Sanders Makes Shocking Announcement

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“Russia Paid The Firm Responsible For Fake Trump Dossier” Sarah Sanders Makes Shocking Announcement

sarah sanders press conference for president trump , donald trump and white house press briefing makes stunning announcement on russia dossier and trump russia investigation

this is breaking news and latest news today in politics this was taped during sarah sanders white house press conference and sarah sanders press briefing

sarah huckabee sanders just made a huge announcement!

original air date: 7/27/ 2017


djs12007 says:

"Witch hunt" my A$$. Trump Jr. met with the same Russian people involved in trying to get the Magnitsky act repealed, which has been orchestrated by Putin, because the female atty, Veselnitskaya and several other Russian agents who are still deeply involved in trying to get this act repealed. Putin has $230million dollars invested in the west which is frozen due to the Sanctions put in place By then Pres. Obama. Ben Browder, (who hired atty. Magnitsky), found a money fraud scheme in the Russian businesses and reported it to the Russian authorities, which resulted in Magnitsky's brutal beating to death in a Russian prison. The Magnitsky act prevents Russia from allowing Russian adoptions to occur in the west for the most part due to Russia submitting special needs babies and children with severe handicaps, without disclosing these health problems to the adopting parents, (basically he palmed off the sickest Russian babies onto adopting western parents). Putin arranged for Magnitsky to be murdered, and a second man, (Lewandowsky), was pushed off a 4th floor bldg, (but miraculously survived). Now, Trump Jr. says the meeting he and others attended, (including female Russian atty. Veselnitskaya), attended was "only about adoptions", hence it's insignificance. The adoptions issue goes to the very heart of the Russian scandal. It's ALL a scheme to enable Trump to lift sanctions from Russia so he can get his frozen $230 million back. It's the very reason Russia had anything at all to do with hacking the elections.

ML Mallory says:

More blaming the Russians. Do you really expect us to believe that crap?

Kevin Davis says:


JUJU YIP says:

She should've went up there and said "You want Russia? YOU WANT SOME RUSSIA? I'LL GIVE YOU SOME F***ING RUSSIA!!!!"

Brute912 says:

Wow so russia was behind this charade. How ironic.

Suh vi says:


Jay DeVeas says:

Make the swamp eat crow.

Ramiro A says:

What a fat dumb cunt

Janis Snow says:

few actually sounds like deeply njceloud

Stephen Puckett says:

AMEN !!!!!!!!

Ragnar Danneskjöld says:

And BOOM goes the dynamite.

Shawnna Conner says:

Almost poetic!

Paul Paradis says:

They are ignoring Russia now. smh

Dave M says:

is it just me, or does Sarah Sanders look identical to that blonde broad on Workaholics?

jayczpe says:

The press can go to hell!!!!!! I will never believe anything they report EVER again!!!!!

dj418 dj418 says:

fat ass pigs.

Heppoify says:

typical american fat pig…….yike

Pure Johnson says:


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