Russian PM: US sanctions amount to ‘full-scale trade war’

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Russian PM: US sanctions amount to ‘full-scale trade war’

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev says new US sanctions against his country amount to a “full-scale trade war”.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump signed a law approving new measures against Russia as well as Iran and North Korea.

He has criticised the new bill as flawed and said he was forced to sign the law by Congress.

Al Jazeera’s Kimberly Halkett reports from Washington, DC.

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Robert Metzler says:

russia is giong to alaska?

Aaron Off says:

Why is America so evil

DELEGADO 13 says:

Russia make the first strike end the empire.

Mary Kali says:

So what! This is news in our favor! CNN is so negative.

Wendy Hesgard says:



Watch america kick off ww3

Ferdie Barrientos says:

Let the war begin

Mech Tasker says:

Putin blew his load, now he's through with 'Murcia.

Potatoman Man says:

I thought everybody was like trump and putin are lovers what ever happened to that

Not Blazio says:

Should've made sanctions after we dealt with North Korea. Don't be surprised when Russia starts backing Kim and China when we go to war.

abz998 says:

Finally a move by Congress that makes sense.

Sanction them hard until they're forced to start ww3 and we can blame it on their aggression.

Marcus T says:

Thanks to America, we have isis, an arms race, destabilized Middle East, and not far off a ww3! All while they profit and print fake $" Their economy can't keep up and will fall like a house of cards, so now they will wage war on the rest of us" Good going people in power!!

albino chan says:

The most pointless sanctions lol

lee zeo says:

America is weak.

Tree of Life says:

If there is no evidence, then why is congress chasing bunnies down holes?

Smug Man says:

America are the most evil country on the planet, dumb a$$, who causes all the wars.. learn history you brainwashed bigot

Almow Wmlaaa says:

Al Jazeera????? Your home is in cross hairs: time running out fast.

Spanakoptia07 says:

Iran is not evil

Iftekhar Ahmed says:

They can't pronounce Iran(Eran) properly…
What's I ran ? Douchebagsss.

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