Sarah Sanders Explodes On Reporters Over Fake Russia Collusion Stories About Trump

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Sarah Sanders Explodes On Reporters Over Fake Russia Collusion Stories About Trump

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Delivers A White House Press Conference
From The White House Press Briefing News

this is donald trump live news this is also breaking and latest news in politics news and us news and word news ! he might bring up russia but who knows

this is political news and politics news in latest news in top stories and current events and world news and news today and breaking news today and latest news and trump live news, cnn will cover this and expect this to be watched by the media this is a full broadcast

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8/1/ 2017


Donna Andretta says:

Why do they et theses morons in the door what a waste of life. Why don't they ask real questions .. everyone she make a list of questions that mater on making America great for them and their children .

Executive Travel of Nashville says:

Why are all of those people still not in jail Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton Susan Rice Loretta Lynch Lois Lerner Debbie Wasserman Schultz a gang of crooks Liars scoundrels all worked for President Obama the most untransparent Administration ever just ask those people and they'll all plead the Fifth

Executive Travel of Nashville says:

Funny how they miss the big story isnt it

NassguI says:

How long before she quits?

Mathias Bækbo Andersen says:

The constant lying from Trump administration is tragic and unbearable. How can people around Trump live with themselves? Forced to lie every day on behalf of Trump and his family dynasty empire. They have no dignity or integrity. Anyone with a brain can see they are lying their ass off. America, you can do better, you shouldn't accept this!

Michael J. Loudis says:

God bless her! She did her homework!

dynosarus says:

Those fake reporters want to interrupt her so bad. They squawk and screech, sound like you have just kicked the side of a chicken house.

Pam Johnson says:

Great for Sarah, we couldn't abide be in that room with the pit of snakes who lost all power to control minds.

Pam Johnson says:

Dies the fske News woman in red understand how seedy she presents herself with crossing her leg and showing her thigh way up. The press is a propaganda bunch of losers who have no credibility left and now their women liars look like hookers.

Aaron Pannell says:

we will the Trump administration quit talking about the Clintons? and does know one remember during the Trump campaign when Trump was all over Putin's dick. "Wouldn't it be nice if we could get along with Russia? I want to get along with Russia. Putin is a tough cookie." now everyone seems to have forgotten candidate Trumps orgie of love for Russia, saying it never existed

GreenerHill says:

The only thing fake is Trump's ridiculous wig. He is the stupidest president in history. His fans are sheep.

Jackie Contreras says:

"You must do the opposite; Rise above the endless desire to dominate. You must stop acting out of imperialistic ambitions. Do not poison the consciousness of millions of people; like there can be no other way but imperialistic politics." – Vladimir Putin


Is this Mike Huckabee in drag ??

thomas nguyen says:

1* De nghi Thai Vi Lan hay dung cam, dung tri thong minh va su khon ngoan san co de tap trung: vach tran toi ac cua obama, hillary clinton… va truyen thong dong chinh da bi bien thai tai My nhu CNN… va nhung dai vn tai my chuyen xuyen tac va bop meo lich su… noi chung… noi tom lai da so nhung nhan vat phan chien My – Viet – Do Thai va da so truyen thong thien ta My – Viet – Do Thai chuyen lam loi cho cong san viet nam noi rieng va the gioi cong san quoc te noi chung… rat nhieu, cung nhu tham nhung hoi lo rat nhieu… va dong loa voi khung bo, cung nhu bao che cho cong san… va danh trao rat nhieu khai niem… nhung dong thoi cung lam tai hai va bat loi cho the gioi tu do cung rat nhieu… *01.08.2017 *

2* Thai Vi Lan: toi tin ban & nhung ban khac… tam co du trinh do Anh – Viet de dich hoac noi: do do ban Thai Vi Lan & cac ban khac… nen de danh thi gio nhieu va tam huyet tap trung vao mat truyen thong de dang lai nhung bai viet that su co gia tri bang song ngu Viet – Anh de cho moi nguoi tham khao… nhat la doi voi the gioi tu do ( bang anh ngu ), cung la de giup cho Ngai Tong Thong Donald Trump… tuc la da giup cho chinh chung ta co them nhieu phuong tien & co hoi de quang phuc lai " TO QUOC VIET NAM THAN THUONG " & " TO QUOC – DANH DU – TRACH NHIEM " do la mat tran tu tuong & mat tran truyen thong rat cap bach va that su rat can thiet trong giai doan nay… noi it mong cac ban hieu nhieu, cam on cac ban that nhieu, than chao dong bao trong tinh than doan ket & xay dung.

3* De nghi rieng Ngai Tong Thong Donald Trump hay lap ngay mot doi ngu du trinh do Anh – Viet: co tu tuong va tam huyet chong cong san that su & trong dau tranh chinh tri phai co tu tuong trong sang & minh bach… toi nghi rang dieu nay co Ma Tieu Linh hay co Lisa Pham co du kha nang dua van de, de trinh len cho Ngai Tong Thong Donald Trump xem xet & kinh mong Ngai Tong Thong Donald Trump cung nhu ê kip hay nhom cua Ngai that su yeu chuong tu do, hay som quyet dinh & dut khoat cach sang suot, keo an han… mot khi da qua muon… noi it mong Ngai Donald Trump hieu nhieu…

4* Thua Ngai Tong Thong Donald Trump toi tu nghi Ngai da qua met moi khi ma, hau nhu chi co mot minh Ngai… la ta sung huu dot chong lai ke cuu thu… va noi thu & ngoai thu bua vay xung quanh Ngai ngay dem… toi thay rat thuong cho Ngai, chuc Ngai luon duoc su binh an trong tam hon & co duoc nhieu suc khoe deo dai & day nghi luc trong muu do chinh tri… chien luoc & chien thuat cua Ngai & Dang Cong Hoa da vach ra va dang tien buoc, vung chac… than chao tat ca trong tinh than doan ket cua Dang Cong Hoa ma Ngai & cac ban cua Ngai ngay dem, dang don moi tam huyet de tao dung mot nuoc Hiep Chung Quoc Hoa Ky " GIAU MANH – HUNG CUONG – VI DAI " trong khi ke dich loi dung du moi cach de tan pha & triet tieu nuoc HOA KY cua cac ban …ngay dem…

5* Rieng Trumpcare neu khong the thay the duoc obamacare nhu y muon cua Ngai & cac ban cua Ngai, boi ke noi thu & ngoai thu cua nuoc Hiep Chung Quoc Hoa Ky, tu be luon luon vay quanh, rinh rap, … san sang phan trac – phan quoc de ban & dang dat nuoc Hoa Ky than yeu cho ngoai bang, de cho cai dam quy du rau xanh do cay nat " TO QUOC HIEP CHUNG QUOC HOA KY THAN THUONG " cua cac ban … noi trang ra khong up mo la con mu gia ly lom hillary clinton & thang cha tre nhu ga mai obama … & nhung dong dang cua ho… da so la dan phan chien & truyen thong My _ Viet – Do Thai… la mot lu sau mot thien ta… cong chung lai …. chung da, dang & se dang hien nuoc Hoa Ky va cac nuoc tu do khac tren the gioi cho quan thay CONG SAN TRUNG CONG… dai dien la tap can binh… & Iran… boi vay, neu muon co hoa binh that su, thi di nhien phai lo chuan bi chien tranh ngay lap tuc… mong Ngai Donald Trump va cac ban cua Ngai hieu cho.

6* Thua Ngai tong thong Donald Trump va cac ban cua Ngai cu thu lap them mot Trumpcare nua xem sao, de nguoi dan tu so sanh, chu toi thay obamacare qua mi dan,.. va chi lam loi cho mot nhom thieu so chop bu nao do ma thoi, va da so dan ngheo khong huong loi duoc bao nhieu: do do boi vay cho nen… va hay de tu do cho nguoi dan tuy chon loai bao hiem Trumpcare hay obamacare ma dan chung, ho cam thay yeu thich, toi tin rang bao hiem Trumpcare hay obamacare cai nao dong it tien va huong loi nhieu va tuyet doi khong co tinh cach cuong bach va rat ro rang, va khong co tinh cach mo ho & lap lo, danh lan con den… theo toi… neu duoc… thi da so tang lop dan ngheo se theo…. mong lam thay!… mot lan nua kinh chao cac ban trong tinh than tuong than tuong ai.

7 * 1 Great President Putin is at least better than the average mad dog (Xi Jinping) and the hen obama is much worse than North Korea's Kim Jong-un and I'm very despicable When & disgusted old hillary clinton horse is not equal to a 3 year old baby.

7 * 1 l'acclame Président Poutine Grande moins encore mieux que le gars moyen Jinping chien enragé méprisable plus & poule obama est pire que trop pour lui, Kim Jong-un en Corée du Nord et je très mépris lorsque l'enfant et hideuse salope cheval HAG hillary Clinton est pas un enfant de 3 ans.

7*1 Hoan Hô Ngài Tổng Thống Putin Vĩ Đại ít ra vẫn còn khá hơn thằng chó điên hèn hạ tập cận bình trung cộng & con gà mái obama còn tệ hơn quá nhiều so với anh Kim Jong-un Bắc Hàn & tôi rất khinh khi & ghê tởm cái con mụ già đĩ ngựa hillary clinton không bằng một đứa bé lên 3 tuổi.

8* 2 Hooray for the Greatest President Donald Trump of the United States of America to your wife & family President Donald Trump … forever … forever … forever.

8* 2 Congratulations to the great Donald Trump President of the United States of America, to our Lady & Family, President Donald Trump … for many years … for many years.

8* 2 Hourra Son plus grand sage du président Trump Royaume-Uni États-Unis d'Amérique a également nié et son président famille Donald Trump … pour toujours … pour toujours … pour toujours.

8*2 Hoan hô Ngài Tổng Thống vĩ đại anh minh Donald Trump Của Nước Hiệp Chủng Quốc Hoa Kỳ Cùng Phu Nhân & Gia Đình Ngài Tổng Thống Donald Trump… muôn năm… muôn năm… muôn năm.

Ghi chú: Note: note: trí tuệ của mình/ son intelligence/ his intelligence
Xi Jinping: Xi Jinping: tập cận bình
average mad dog: Chó điên trung bình: Chien enragé moyen
mad: furieux: điên/ average: average: trung bình/average: moyenne: trung bình
trung cộng: Medium: secondaire public/ Trung Cộng: China: chinois

** Ghi chú: tôi rất coi thường cộng sản việt nam, tại sao? chúng không dám chuyển ngữ & có thể cố tình dịch sai lầm ý tôi, nếu không phải tôi thành thật xin lỗi các bạn

Note: I despise communist Vietnam, why? They do not dare to translate and can deliberately misinterpret me, if not I sincerely apologize to you

Note: Je déteste vraiment communiste du Vietnam, pourquoi? nous n'osons traduisons et peut délibérément me mal traduit mal, sinon je vous présente mes excuses

Note: I despise communist Vietnam, why? They do not dare to translate and can deliberately misinterpret, if not I sincerely apologize to you

Note: Je déteste vraiment communiste du Vietnam, pourquoi? nous n'osons pas traduire et peut délibérer une mauvaise interprétation de mon attention, sinon je vous présente mes excuses

* Ghi chú: tôi rất coi thường cộng sản việt nam, tại sao? chúng không dám chuyển ngữ & có thể cố tình dịch sai lầm ý của tôi, nếu không phải tôi thành thật xin lỗi các bạn

9* Note: allow me to post on other sites thank you a lot
Allow me to post on other sites many thanks

Note: me permettrez posté sur d'autres sites grâce beaucoup
Permettez-moi posté sur d'autres sites grâce beaucoup

chú ý: cho phép tôi đăng tải trên các trang mạng khác cảm ơn nhiều

10* Kimberley Rosevor 4 Stunden: Obama is the biggest Muslim terrorist their is and he laid in the white house for 8 yrs Destroying America.
And some Americans still dont get it. Wake up. And the Democrats are his puppets.

10* Kimberley Rosevor 4 Stunden: Obama est le plus grand terroriste musulman, et il a déposé dans la maison blanche pendant 8 ans, Destroying America.
Et certains Américains ne l'obtiennent toujours pas. Réveillez-vous. Et les démocrates sont ses marionnettes.

10* Kimberley Rosevor 4 Stunden: Obama là người Hồi giáo khủng bố lớn nhất của họ và ông đã đặt trong nhà trắng trong 8 năm Destroying Mỹ.
Và một số người Mỹ vẫn không nhận được nó. Thức dậy. Và đảng Dân chủ là những con rối của ông.

Outnumbered 8/1/17 | OUTNUMBERED Fox NEWS Today August 1,2017
The News Trump today
The News Trump today
Veröffentlicht am 01.08.2017
Outnumbered 8/1/17 | OUTNUMBERED Fox NEWS Today August 1,2017
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Ghi chú: Note: note: trí tuệ của mình/ son intelligence/ his intelligence
destroying: Détruisant: Phá hủy//Phá hoại///sự chửa

morpher44 says:

With respect to Uranium. I too agree that so many people within the US government would have signed off on any deal about that. Putting it all on Hillary is crazy. Further, Uranium isn't something we want to be using in the USA. The nuclear industry isn't something very popular in this country. Yes about 20% of our power is from nuclear. But 22 reactors are due to expire before the end of the next decade if no renewals are granted — and they may not be. The trend should be to move away from unsafe nuclear power plants and Fukushima was a wake call for everyone. USA has Earthquakes. Terrorists might get the material and make dirty bombs, etc. This is all very undesirable stuff. North Dakota is getting contaminated due to all the stuff being done there. In my opinion, we shouldn't sell this stuff to other nations, nor should we be digging it up and making a mess. We hopefully have better, cleaner ways to make energy. I see Uranium is down in price — cheap. Back in Feb 2017, the price had spiked and greed may have motivated lots of sales. But it has settled down. There are articles you can find that state "Trump Admin Wants To Lift Uranium Mining Ban". So if Hillary was selling the stuff, Trump wants to as well. I doubt the USA needs all this Uranium, and so it will be sold on the world market — putting the world at risk of dirty bombs, accidents, etc.

morpher44 says:

2:35 Trump tough on Russia? Geez. More fracking endangers the US water supply and makes only a small number of people rich. It doesn't threaten Russia. It doesn't change the USA economy very much. Its a small move. Oil is already way down and fracking is becoming less cost effective. More coal doesn't threaten Russia. It is a "backward" technology. Yes we need it as a pie-slice in our total solution. But coal investment should be reduced, not increased. He is sending us backward with coal. It would be BETTER to release the energy tech the DOE has been keeping under wraps. Instead, his guy at the DOE is doing crony deals with Russian pranksters who punk him. Stronger military? We haven't seen the military budget yet. We haven't seen higher volunteer statistics. Further, there isn't a very big indication in defenese related stocks, yet. So at this point, its just hot air. If anything, he's got some generals against him and willing to go in record about decisions Trump has made such as the recent transgender stuff. This is telegraphing weakness around the world and makes us look very unorganized and confused. I've seen Sky News, and others laughing at this Trump stuff. It's a joke. Trump signs the sanctions bill but claims its unconstitutional and unfair. Putin probably loved that, seeing Trump squirm and show such weakness. Russia isn't angry. They are feigning anger. This is all a big show and fake. Russia is playing a much longer game here. Meanwhile, Russian and the BRIC nations can vote against USA at the IMF. USD is sinking — showing economic weakness on the world stage.

morpher44 says:

why "look no further than there". Shouldn't we look as far as it goes?

Leonard knight says:

Remember! Russia is a Big nothing burger!


Where was the media when Obama and Hilary were selling the country out?

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