Trump attorney: Grand jury not a surprise, not unusual

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Jay Sekulow says he has no reason to believe the president is under investigation


Long Tall Texan says:

Trump Supporters, Sad to see you are having to live in denial everyday now. It must be tough to watch TV today. Do you keep with your eyes closed and your ears plugged after you turn on your TV? I mean, just today the NEWS OUTLETS , even FOX, revealed what I said weeks ago across the boards. That Mueller has been matching evidence to Federal charges against Trump and his corrupt White House team. Today, it seems Mueller has accelerated his investigation and impaneled a new Grand Jury for the presentation of Federal charges against Trump. So the truth is coming. That Truth Trump fears so much. I can see a dumb-ass detected here, with his fingers in his ears and eyes closed….yes that is you and Trump both today.
Trump won't finish this year. Believe me. Trump will resign (in hopes of Pence giving him a pardon) just ahead of Mueller's dragging him in and making him sit in court for the reading of the LONGEST LIST of FEDERAL CHARGES ever brought against a sitting president in the history of the United States of America. All this brought on by Trump's own crooked schemes and acts. Trump a sad dumb-ass indeed.

X X X says:

It's unusual, it's serious, it was not expected, and this treasonous House of Tards is falling down faster than London Bridge. Make America America Again. End this circus.

xas nuf says:

neil an asshole

Darryl Teichroeb says:

Jay looks greener than usual.

xas nuf says:

mueller just another tool

Robert Brown says:

Expect an impeachment bomb very soon. The attorney controls the grand jury doesn't he?

Robert Brown says:

Why hasn't Sessions fired Mueller and replaced him with an attorney who is not so unbelievably conflicted.

Mamo says:


Robert Brown says:

It should be a surprise as there is ZERO evidence of anything wrong, let alone a crime. I'd say this is a surprise. And we know that Mueller is against the President to begin with.

Doc Gonzales says:

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA, I'll have a grand jury burger with a side of treason thanks.

Niall T says:


Collin Hennessy says:

There was a Grand Jury for Darren Wilson, they chose not to charge him. A Grand Jury's job is to look at all available evidence, and decide if it is likely a crime has been committed, and by whom. If there was any evidence, we'd know about it. This will finally put this investigation to bed.

Greg mayonnaise says:

Jay Sekulow once had a good reputation. Now he's been caught passing on trump lies regarding trump jr. What's scary is, he didn't quit once the truth came out. Now he's dirty.

brian stuart says:

Trump is just acting too Goofy and his mouth is getting them in more trouble every time he speaks if he just be quiet would be alright

Ro G says:

On another note, the Secret Service was moved out of t'rump tower and into mobile unit on the street because t'rump properties rental price for the space they were using was too high. Or as Fox News reported it, "t'rump pays for new location to help secret service be more effective."

OasisofSpirit says:

This is a Grand Jury for HILLARY CLINTON sources are now saying!

nawec8484 says:

This is not unusual. It happens to every president #MAGA

t zeiser says:

However, Mueller would not have done this unless he had some concrete proof of someone being dirty….Who is dirty? Take your pick!

Maester Laemon says:

I can't help but imaging a T Rex chomping on this asshole attorney.

Russell Milkey says:

Needs to be a grand jury on Mueller and his attorneys that are investigating this role connected with the Democrats in with Comey. Most of them donated money to Clinton's campaign.

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