US: Philadelphia to shut down heroin market

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Philadelphia is trying to shut down a notorious makeshift camp dubbed “El Campamento”, which is known for drug dealing and using.

President Donald Trump’s drug commission called on him earlier this week to declare a national emergency over an opioid drug epidemic.

Al Jazeera’s Kristen Saloomey reports from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Md Device says:

finally! why didnt they think of this sooner? once they cant by drugs they will stop being addicted. its brilliant.

Dick Cheney says:

Round up all the addicts and bury them.

gthreesix says:

Made in USA!


kensington is a mess and seems to have gotten worse over the years

Robert Crowley says:

Drugs the perfect excuse to keep poor people down. Thanks al J keep up the great work picking on the poor/middle class

Agent Jason says:

plot twist: the entire town including the police is hooked on heroin and they are all making up this story to keep heat off of them. lol. im from philli and its 3rd world in some paces. i have seen better citys in mexico. its like 80 percent of the population is on heroin. everywhere i drive isee some dude nodding out.

justanothertuber k says:

why do these white fascist pigs have to give it a Spanish name welcome to the new Amerikkka where being white is the only thing that matters.

internet mail says:

Knowing for a fact that the govt cull drug addicts every so often is a good motivator to quit.

BeeFriendlyApiary says:

USA is imploding….our infrastructure is falling apart, the corrupt political system is spreading, the government no longer represents its citizens, and the drug companies are making record profits off keeping Americans addicted to drugs…

Glad U says:

Here you see the american style of life. If they are not on their way to occupy and force their american lifestyle on a country, they shoot drugs. No Thank You, we don't want your corrupt lifestyle

teamhuman2 says:

Legalize ,and ebt a yearly amount ,, stop thefts ,stop faulty cuts,cut down on the prison bill ,,make the community safer ,,stop trying to bully the sick

koertje says:

Over dose is good,
them folks better die.

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