US: Trump pushing to cut legal immigration by half

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After cracking down on undocumented immigrants, US President Donald Trump is now turning his attention to cutting the number of people who want to migrate to the US legally.

He has thrown his support behind a bill that aims to halve the number of legal migrants over the next decade.

Al Jazeera’s Heidi Zhou-Castro reports from Washington, DC.

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Eddy Ruslim says:

as usual the cure is more dealy then the dises=ase. all of this for terroism> and against china>

almira says:

how about applications to usa passports and what will happen to current immigration jobs?

Jack Blake says:

Your duty is to US citizen? So all American agree on the Iraq invasion and meddling of other countries affair? Time to find another superpower

FreemanicParacusia says:

I know a Syrian woman living in Turkey who wanted to come to the US and become an opthalmologist, who was approved for an internship at one of the best medical schools in the United States during her last year of med school. She was denied a visa to come and complete it on account of her nation of origin. Had she been born ten kilometers further north, she'd be a Turkish citizen and it wouldn't have been an issue.

She had been pursuing the US Medical License Exam, but it's highly doubtful they'll give her a visitor's visa so she can even take the hands-on portion of the test (USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills), so all of that hard work amounts to nothing – she's basically disqualified because of where she was born. Absolute bullshit.

PrinceChris93 says:

so does this mean all immigrant owned multi million dollar company now have the right to deny employment to U.S. born citizen including seek. immigrants as cheap labor to hire for many jobs American born citizen refuse to do

Dick Cheney says:

God bless the POTUS.

Julius Caesar says:

Yes! Exactly why we voted for him. This is a great first step toward a total ban. Trump 2020!!!

F. OPE says:

Well, they are a sovereign country that can decide who they receive and most countries do have similar politics.

Ikscdm Degi says:

They do the work we're not willing to do! No one is stealing our jobs!

altright 2100 says:

He's adopting canadas immigration policy you retards. I thought liberals liked Canada

Ahmed Zuber says:

Great distraction. Instead of reforming wall street and the banking sector or imposing new laws against the greedy corporation. Go after the immigrants.

HakunaMatata says:

Well it makes sense, you dont see the Arabian Gulf countries easily giving citizenship to anybody and they've got so much money.

Natan Santos says:

Hum… So… Why doesnt Qatar pick refugees?

Burton L says:

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…" You guys know that's just a quote from some poet that is printed near the statue of liberty right? It's not a law. It's not a national principle. It's not an entry in the constitution. It's not an invitation. You might as well quote "Badapapapa, I'm Lovin It," Whenever reporting on an immigration issue. That's more american than this poem.

Shefath Islam says:

That tie just burned my eyes, thank you Miller!

Xipo86 says:

I am not worried as Trump has only a little chance for re-election. I consider migrating to the US in ~2023 when I will hopefully get my masters degree in computer science.

Graham6762 says:

Entering the country illegally is a crime so I don't know why they say they don't commit crimes.

El Perro Loco says:

Watch and learn. This nation will lose the very thing that kept it going. Immigration is key to a nation's success. Limiting immigration will only make it much harder to keep a sustainable population growth. At least I'm dead set on leaving the USA. I can stand this place no more.

Richie says:

How can you hate a president that looks out for his own citizens.
Try and get a job in China/Japan without a decent educational/skill background, you'll get laughed out the country.

Kristen Malick-Hatta says:

i am so disgusted by this man…

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