Venezuela delays initiating new constituent assembly

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Venezuela delays initiating new constituent assembly

Venezuela’s newly-elected constituent assembly is expected to hold its first session on Friday, a day later than expected.

The government has denied allegations of fraud during Sunday’s vote.

Al Jazeera’s Lucia Newman reports from Caracas.

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Peruvian Killer of Communist Scum says:

Nicholas "Bus Driver" Maduro at it again with inflating his poll numbers. That feel when you have the highest BMI out of the entire citizens in your country.

David Bower says:

Venezuela is a failed democracy with high levels of corruption, and the people are clearly suffering very badly. This however should not be used as an excuse for the international community to intervene with force, either directly or indirectly by arming opponents.

Keith Durant says:

They have moved the swearing in from Thursday to Friday while the election commission does a recount to verify the numbers. Remember the company that runs the voting machines is a multi-national firm looking to sell their product to other countries and so are susceptible to pressure from them in the ongoing efforts to delegitimize Maduro.

xCaptxCrunchx says:

What a bunch of corrupt rats. Free the Venezuelan people. It's embarrassing watching them looking for food through trash cans.

NefariousFox says:

If Maduro has any claims to validity, he needs to wait. Everything he does in full objection to the opposition is only more damning evidence that he is not remotely being honest. It's extremely hard for me to actually find even what he and his people are saying in all of this. (which I would really like to know, as I can then start trying to piece together a better picture of everything going on in Venezuela)

The opposition might be right to fight hard for intervention from the US, but so much hard rhetoric is being thrown by so much of the media, it's extremely hard to get a picture of everything going on. At this point its fairly easy to pin lies to both sides of the conflict, which at the same time makes an accurate picture so hard to see. With so much oil, and the US's history involving both oil, and Venezuela I have to be skeptical of everything being said, until something hard and tangible can be seen. Maduro's harsh regime is not hard to show, and it's also not hard to see that the opposition are attacking fairly hard in response.

How many people support him, and how many people are in opposition? Which parts of the population make up those people, and what are their motivations? Those questions really do need to be answered if anyone is going to truly understand what is going on. (We really need data to know what's going on… If anybody knows where some can be found , I'm still looking!)

To be clear, making this a capitalism vs. socialism argument, both shows the ignorance of the writer, but also covers nothing of reality. Socialism is an economic system by which the people own the means of production, anybody who says that Venezuela is socialist is only proving they don't know what they are talking about. Venezuela operates a capitalist economy with elements of collectivism. A welfare capitalist state is known as nordic capitalism (look it up genius). So, I'm trying to sift through the bullshit narratives to try and find out what is really going on down there… This piece is good, and there are others which are objectively giving both sides of the story, but there aren't so many who do! (we need more evidence, one way or the other, or heck, even both ways)

The hunt continues

Ekama Noieau says:

All they have is violence and corruption, the Venezuelan people must be free.

Titty Froster Mc.Drama says:

Maduro = Hitler

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