“Why is Marijuana worse than Cocaine?” Trey Gowdy grills clueless national drug policy director

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“Why is Marijuana worse than Cocaine?” Trey Gowdy grills clueless national drug policy director

Trey Gowdy Brilliantly Exposes Marijuana Laws And The War On Drugs

trey gowdy news this is also trey gowdy 2017 and trey gowdy today this is latest news today and breaking news trey gowdy like a boss on this one, jason chaffetz left so now trey gowdy is oversight and reform chairman he is featured on fox news all the time this is political news and politics news president trump has been asking congress to get things done donald trump wants outdated laws to be updated during obama administration and russia hysteria people were trying to pass serious legislature to help people in this issue trey gowdy destroys this issue

original air date: 7/26/ 2017


larshoneytoast33 says:

All this shows us is how disconnected federal government and health care professionals are with one another.

Firstv Lastf says:

Maybe congress should stop trying to police personal behavior.

Juliet H says:

U of Washington has 40 years of research to prove that marijuana is classified wrong and has many great benefits. Consider who owns the patent on CBD and other medicinal components of the plant…and why??!!

Cats n Cars says:

The pharmaceutical industry is one reason, and two, legalization of mj will also account for less arrests. What's that mean? Less money for police, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, c.os, prisons ect.. I can go on and on. States make more money on it being illegal than legal.

dfswhip says:

is this speccy cunt serious?. H. J. Anslinger made it illegal because his friend was going to lose money.

ardvarkkkkk1 says:

This guy is talking about research to find out if they can use some part of marijuana as medicine. In other words, they might consider legalizing it if they can figure a way for the pharmaceutical companies to get into it. Of course, the only form that would be legalized is the form made by the drug companies. Always have to keep the corporations happy. That is probably the reason that they haven't legalized it yet, big pharma doesn't want the competition.

Wulff Human says:

Mr Baum is a lying zionist.

TwistedTornsTirade says:

medical or just want to get stoned is safer than drinking, and we'll smoke it no matter what

SixOfNine says:

Legalize steroids. I want to get huge muscles and lose my hair and get boobs as a man


Science belongs to the highest bidder

Who ??? says:

Thanks lads

Voltbreak says:

Here's my question, how does no one know that Trey Gowdy has destroyed the rights of men and boy's more completely than any Feminist? If Feminism is cancer, what does that make men like Trey Gowdy, who has played a major role in duping the American man into thinking that he is a man of intergity?!?! Trey Gowdy has used anecdotal evidence, never mind the facts, to systematically strip fathers of all of their parental rights, strip men of their dignity, empower women to make blatantly false accusations against men to then easily destroy the father's of their children and strip them of any hope of 50/50 custody i.e., they instantly become an "uncle daddy". If Feminism is a club bashing fathers, men, and boys to death, Trey Gowdy is certainly an Atomic Bomb. No one has done more to destroy descent men, fathers, and boys than Trey Gowdy!
If you are a man paying almost everything you earn to a wife who lied like a devil, and who now has everything, house, car, stuff, and who now has all the control over the kids (who she abuses regularly while the courts don't give a damn), and you now have a ruined future and no hope ever of the truth being embraced (because the law and gynocntric courts don't care about female abuse, ever), say a great big, "thank you" to Trey Gowdy for making this special kind of living hell just for you! Welcome to what Second Class truly means, last class.
This gutter class has been brought to you by, Trey Gowdy and his desire to see all men destroyed an the alter of "Women first, above truth, above the rights of men, and above what is right under God!"

D-Train's Bunk says:

I like this Mr Connolly's position on this issue.

Shawn b says:

You can't overdose on Marijuana Thc!

Edward Garrison says:

Dialogue with your office? WTF is that? The FDA is staff by LSD freaks, obviously.

Costeno Salao says:

Marijuana is schedule 1 because it is a useful tool for those in power to go after their enemies. Blacks and long-hairs are more likely to smoke weed, so if those groups get too uppity, you can just lock more of them up. Gowdy knows it and so do we.

4Peta20 says:

The lumber industry is why marijuana is a schedule 1. As long as they continue to give money to lawmakers things won't change

AquaLajo says:

I've seen children with epilepsy now seizure free for over 3 years because of marijuana AND METH IS A SCHEDULE 2?????? What the hell, America. I am a conservative Christian who thinks this is RIDICULOUS.

ResortDog says:

Gowdy holds the Feds feet to the fire over political motives instead of science at the DEA. Congress is earning everything that happens to each of their re-election campaigns. Trump was supposed to clean out these moldy bureaucratic closets!

Keks Gloryhole Fun says:

I want medical cocaine for when I'm depressed and wanna rage like a free American.

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