Are Protest Events Turning Into Deep State Traps?

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Infowars Reporter Millie Weaver had to cancel a protest scheduled outside of the Google office located in Pittsburgh, PA after receiving threats of violence from self-proclaimed members of AntiFa and Black Lives Matter. Originally, there were only a handful of attendees. However, after the Pittsburgh Tribune ran a hit piece titled “Google’s Pittsburgh Office Targeted By Alt-Right Protesters” linking the ‘Flyover America’ tour Facebook page, alleged AntiFa and Black Lives Matter members began leaving serious threats, sharing the event page with other members. Even though the event had been canceled, the MSM started running more stories that the event was a continuation of what happened in Charlottesville, VA and was still going to occur. Even the mayor made public statements that he was monitoring “intelligence reports regarding potential right wing protests this weekend in Pittsburgh”. Weaver is concerned that this is starting to look just like the events which preceded the Charlottesville protest which turned violent and was used to demonize Trump and his supporters. Is a deep state false flag in the works during the upcoming protests scheduled nationwide?

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slosh11111420 says:

No, everyone is just freaking about because we got attention. Notice how they aren't talking about Russia…

Flashbangb4 says:

Giving up already? Sad..

AequitasVeritas says:

We need to infiltrate antifa and dismantle them from the inside

charlie sanderson says:

lose one battle but the march for free speech goes on…… sensible and logical move millie at this present time it would be extremely un helpful if there was another riot or death at such an event,so best to take a step back and reassess the next move,don`t fuel the mainstream narrative,that all conservatives or libertarians are naziis which is what they are trying to spin
.plus the police are being told to either step down at these events or even worse kettle 2 opposing sides towards each other which they did at charlottesville,its obvious the hidden hand of the democrats want more trouble at these events,hey you can`t have a peaceful rally at an alt right protest.that just won`t do in their eyes,so even the police will make sure that won`t happen.maybe there needs to be a law suit against the police administration of charlotteville as to why they weren`t doing there job properly and keeping two opposing factions apart,rather than forcing them together

Jesse Moore says:

keep up the good work Millie

Luc Dauvin Horseshoer says:

start posting all violence on both sides because your just covering polarizing operatives.

King Yellowman says:

aww do you need a safe space you poor little snowflake?

Luc Dauvin Horseshoer says:

told you so. snares snares snares. cover their events and meetings with covert journalism and broadcast that.

Bryan Gallup says:

Millie is looking flipping beautiful today ! (Like always )
Way beautiful and extremely smart !
The best way to be

Manley Nelson says:

Felicity Williams, Cville knew what was going to happen and decided not to do anything to cause a conflict etc etc etc

Tyler Collins says:

Hey Millie needs a bodyguard?

Anon One says:

If there is money changing hands to pay for and promote civil disorder and violent physical attacks then infiltrate the organisation and get the evidence. At the next public demonstrations make a point of unmasking these criminals and identify them, visit their front door or them at their place of work with footage of their activities and out them.
Take some of those most violent threatening tweets and identify the authors, again visit their door on camera and out these puny cowards.

2redneck says:

What you need to do is hire hundreds of armed guards. Since the police are too crooked to do their job, bring in people that will. Rent private property to hold the event so that trespassers can be legally shot. That's a two for one. Kill a lot of antifa and still hold your event.

Jared Bennett says:

You are right with the media as it is they're

James Potter says:

Millie Weaver is a convicted ex con artist who was formerly married to a muslim camel jockey from Turkey

SStoge21 says:

Show up dressed as normal civilians. Make it look like you are average Americans. Fight fire with ICE! Stop them cold! Make them make the moves.

Dreamylyn Moore says:

Good for You Millie, Don't give them the Edge The willingness to change the game in the middle is a great strategy keep your opponent off balance it kind of blows their mind. That's what also makes a great fighter just ask any Boxer! Being a girl and having a friend teach me how to box at 16, I didn't have much trouble defending myself. the unexpected that's what it takes!

ANTIFA aka Jade Helm 15 Military Exorcise! Just my Observations and Opinion.

God Bless. He's Watching and His wrath is coming. Even the elite know this. they are just on the wrong side. so they are working to deceive as many people as they can. misery loves company remember. Pray they repent before they no longer have a chance too.

masivatak says:

I disagree,

Millenial Sunshine says:

Millie your skin looks amazing!! You are so fricking beaut!! <3

Michael Rhoads says:

Get screenies and submit them.

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