Asian Indian Passes As A Black To Enter Med School!

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I came across a video on the Alex Jones Channel and found out about this dark skinned Asian Indian man who lied about his race to enter medical school. My commentary of this event is a wake up call for American Blacks to take action to protect their interests.


The Veil says:

1) Rachael Dolezal chose Blackness to enter Howard and the NAACP; and married a black man; so what!? Who really cares?

2) This man,Vijay, chose to enter medical school as a black man; so what?
3) Elizabeth Warren chose Native American because of a certain "quantum" of bloodlines. Has anyone proved her to be a liar?
This man, Vijay, is trying to prove a point;…and his point is that he believes himself UNWORTHY of having been accepted for medical school, …and he proved his own
un-worthiness by dropping himself out!
The only truth that he has told so far, is that due to that dark skin of his, that he is "Almost Black".

The Indians of ancient southeast India have bloodlines back to Africa,…..and ARE indeed, people who are "almost black"!
Rachel Dolezal chose "blackness" bc she loves BLACK CULTURE; so what about it?

Elizabeth Warren claims to have Native American blood bc she loves Native American"-Indian Culture; so what about it?
The Affirmative Action program is an EMBARRASSMENT to those intelligent African Americans who would be accepted WITHOUT the program.
It is a "put down" that would label th e applicants as "Inferior Doctors".
Vijay said he "shaved his hair down", and cut his eyelashes off "to look black".
He went to great lengths to make the point to the world; = to show the whites that although he is very DARK,…he is really "white in his heart", and that he supports Donald Trump's proposed destruction of Affirmative Action.
In my opinion Vijay's approach to overcome his obsession with skin color, was very amateurish, ….and he is an "undercover racist" who wishes he was of "whiter", or at least "lighter skin!"
The thing that really bothers him the most is that he looks BLACK!

He needs to accept himself!

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