Bill and Hillary Clinton window shopping in Quebec town

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The Clintons were out and about in North Hatley during their vacation.
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Антхонъ Энман says:

glad to see them enjoying themselves, would love to visit Quebec as well, it's a beautiful place, let's just try and make piece with both Donald, Bill, and Hillary, see, that's how politics neutral I am. I call them by their first names, person to person

wclifton968 says:

these war criminals should be locked up in a solitary cell for an infinite amount of time with only 10mins outside per week

P L says:

wtf?….get out of here!!!!….go away….you are not wanted here.
anyone commit suicide?…someone always does around hillary……sooner or later.
she has the appeal of a loaded school bus fire.

Donald Trump says:

Ban these criminals Canada

private citizen says:

Get the hell out of our country #Hitlary

GoPostal1st says:

wtf!? Deport them to Haiti!

wanda409 says:

Still walking in the woods….that is what wolves do.

gg g says:

Why more coverage on US than Canada

Anthony James says:

Why cover these criminals CBC???

Karen Marie says:

She looks relaxed and very nice not wearing a pants suit, very nice in those black and white stripes.

Jayda Diamond says:

so Quebec is not Canada and Canada is not Quebec

dan wald says:

Why are these criminals still free lock them up.

Andrew Mallen says:

Why do we care. He was a disgrace to the American presidency. Hillary should be in jail.

Evan Hits says:

shopping for the illegal immigrants that just arrived lol.

Jezballz says:

Shopping for cigars?

Darcy Wood says:

Can we hold them hostage and use them to force the Americans dethrone the Annoying Orange?

Or maybe because its Tourist Season we can just shoot them, You know like Hunting Season eh?

Gerald Bull says:

Kinda ironic… Quebec is where a lot of the illegal immigrants from Haiti are arriving and had their money stolen by the Clinton foundation. Maybe someone should inform these Haitian victims that they are nearby and only have a few guards.

Luca Toni says:

"I did not have sexual relations with that women" — War criminal

Lilith Of Eden says:

Disgusting, are they here to check on their trafficked humans?

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