BREAKING NEWS: Protests & Rallies in Seattle and Across U.S.

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Ben Grimm says:

All Conservatives are pussies. I beat one to death everyday.



danny illidan says:

dont know jews black talmud ithiopia and kkazarian > His abomination is desolation prepaing devil king messiah one-eyed blind with aliens >

Martin Ulstein says:

Send the army or special forces into KING 5 NEWS. They deserve to go to prison. KING 5 news IS pure HATE.THEY HATE THE VOTERS. KING 5 NEWS is on the side of the International Bankers. KING 5 is, "THE ENEMY". They should all be arrested for TREASON.

chop shekau says:

All this shit is just wrong. Wrong in so many ways. So sad

Martin Ulstein says:

EVIL KING 5 News starting a civil war.

Cacho says:

american Taliban vs american ISIS

Future Hindsight says:

Every single WN will be identified in the coming days. All will be fired, kicked out of churches, arrested for probation violations. Even their families and Universities are feeling the incredible backlash against traitor nazis.

Keep it up, the databases thank you!

Pennie Bowden says:


USA man says:


Valerie Huyett says:

I'm sorry but the left protesters are really pathetic that they can't let peaceful protesters have the same right that they enjoy…they are in for a rude awakening. ..people are tired of the left thinking they are the only ones who matter…they are the violent ones

Bert Leo says:

"kept apart by the police" … the right is likely being savaged by the left, and stopped from responding by the police, because they are expected to be more reasonable, less selfish and short sighted, and more empathetic- these values are not effective political or social tools in america in 2017.

lostfile says:

We didn't fail you you failed your self

G Zeus says:

Ahhh yes…the old divide and conquer routine. Old as the hills. America doesn't need any enemies, it hates itself and will destroy itself from within.

Electro Fryed says:

ANTIFA= Anti First Amendment = Silence through Violence. There is nothing anti fascist about ANTIFA.

Brian Ghilliotti says:

Brian GhilliottiLooks like that's the plan. This started just before the school season. They expect that college campuses around the country will be charged over this event and solidarity protests and counter protest will continue throughout the fall . These will get fairly violent and will probably spill to the cities. Especially cities that have large universities. They would like that. It will look like college campuses throughout the country will turn into hate laboratories and staged event testing grounds. This will probably occur in high schools as well . I am glad that I no longer waste my time in college and that I do not have children attending a public school. It will be very scary times for parents who have children attending college and high schools, especially middle schools and high schools. I find it amazing that this James field's character was initially labeled a leftist and then suddenly was portrayed as a rightist. We will never know the truth, It's easy to find look-alikes. Both sides had shields and 2 x 4's at the Charlottesville disturbances. Brian Ghilliotti

Austin lol says:

Damn this channel is dead

David Lether says:

A chanting is reminiscent of North Korea

Pure wild Spirit says:

The leftists are so confused they don't know what they are doing. They have no idea what a nazi is. They have a problem they just said they want to fight they are stupid.

Dutchy1954 says:

Those (weekend) idiots with their cell phones looking for their individual moment of "importance". Ought to be the future of a nation. Not.

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