Breitbart User Caught Playing Both Sides of Conflict! re Charlottesville Rally Trump Statement

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Sickening glimpse of the ruthless manipulation to divide and destroy. You really have to wonder how these people were raised that brought them to such a station in life. There are vomit-inducing numbers of them too and they have untold puppet accounts PLUS AI systems to force multiply their messages and influence searches, etc.

Some, maybe most, of these creatures of the dark are the very victims of or in #pizzagate type families who had their souls mutilated since they could remember and were trained/abused like a psychotic bulldog fighter insane with hate for Man, especially innocence and they’re given access to all the backdoors on some military/gov’t setup. They resent not having what it takes to be given the more glamorous celeb positions of influence in tv, movies, politics, etc. where their counterparts and relatives are. But they work together. Like a family. An Adam’s Family.

The other possibility is this guy’s account was hacked, which I’ve seen examples of when someone is too effective. If that’s the case, it’s even MORE pathetic. But it doesn’t look like that’s the case here.

Seriously, if you don’t have Jesus Christ as your foundation you WILL be manipulated by ever changing and adapting dialectics of the Enemy — that means studying the Word deeply and giving up the empty distractions they smother you with. When you stand firm in Christ and grow in faith and wisdom, He gives you a sound mind and all the lies and deceptions in the world become apparent for what they are. The flip side is that you can be overwhelmed by how unreal and evil our world is, so you also need to pray for strength and protection. They fear the name of Jesus, Yeshua like nothing else because He is RIGHTEOUS and that to them is as #pizzagate is to us.

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