Commie Corruption: Kindergartners Taught That Gender Is Imaginary

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Infowars reporter Jake Lloyd reports on a new sexual education program that corrupts the minds of children too young to understand what they’re being taught. Leftist degenerates can not be allowed to continue their war on traditional societal norms.

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Umair Khan says:

The western society is becoming more and more sick by the day.

bullsnutsoz says:

This being the reason the west is about to be nuclear toasted!

stasu35 says:

I swear to god if my kids are ever thought this bullshit…

Christo Mario says:

Trust your children with these fucken lunatics? Good luck!

wimderix says:

What a sick bunch of people….How about using these Fema camps?

paul kehoe says:

a boy is a boy and a girl's a girl, these left leaning pricks are sick as!

Lex Bad guy of the show says:

So fucking disgusting, happening here in Australia too, I warned everyone that this was coming to our country and they said I was fucking stupid, wish I was wrong.

Obtuse One says:

five year old kids dont even know when they need to take a nap.

ZephoN says:

Good god where is this world going!?

Gale Phorse says:

Makes me happy that I'm not a parent because my child would be getting into a lot of trouble with the school.

Pamela Remme says:

Fluoride is a gender bender drug. A neuro toxin. (Brain) Do you wonder why transexuals and gays are on the rise? My gosh wake up people.

Pamela Remme says:

Eric Dubay lays this out beautifully in A Flat Earth Story. Eric Dubay takes things ALL the way and reports things that Infowars will not. Please use your "critical thinking" brain and watch this video on Youtube. CAUTION: you will be red pilled all the way once you watch it.

Black Tothebone says:

America is slowly chewing itself into mush ready to be swallowed by the machine that is global governance, because it it incapable to take care of itself.

JS says:

We have this happening in Canada as well. Bill C16. If your child gives even hints of thinking that he/she (or, I forgot, I cannot use pronouns) is of the opposite gender, then the parent MUST (by law, with potential serious penalties if you ignore) take the child to a psychologist. If the psychologist suggests treatment (including hormone blockers, and therapy) that the parents do not agree with, the child can be taken away from the parents.

Anybody here watch The Handmaid's Tale on Netflix. I'm beginning to think that the total control of the population IS the big picture for the Leftist government and it scares the crap out of me.

It was noted that NO leader in the EU has children. Europe has been taken over by insanity, and the people get very little say. And the makers of this policy have no strong connection to the future beyond their own years.

How parents parent, how children think, how we talk, it's all starting to come under the control of the government. And it's happening at lightening speed. Can you imagine even 10 years ago that this would be possible? I'd have not believed it. I'm still shaking my head in disbelief. They are winning. And if chaos ensues, and it will because people won't take this sitting down, then they will have additional reasons to control us. In the US it will be in the form of taking away the 2nd amendment. Personally I don't like guns, and I've always liked that part of Canadian culture. But now I seriously wonder who we might need the guns against. It frightens me to even say this. Not only do I fear that my government doesn't speak for me, I feel they are the enemy.

I'm now in my senior years. For me hopefully I'll be gone before it is right out of control. But I leave behind children and a grandchild. I do not like the world they are inheriting. My son and his wife will be homeschooling my grand-daughter. Normally I wouldn't like that idea. But now I think it is a necessary step…one step further away from an education system that doesn't consider what the parents feel when they put forth agendas we are discussing in this story.

I am seething with anger. I wanted to relax in my senior years. Now I'm all angry and political, and I can't just put it aside and relax. This government thinking has changed my world, and I cannot go back.

Michael Lynch says:

proud commie here

John Jolson says:

When Muslim rape gang members say that white girls are "trash" and "dirty little slags"… THIS is why. (((they))) are warping our children's brains

Manley Nelson says:

this is unbelievable . %It would have been considered child abuse only recently.

toomanyglocks says:

How disgusting but I'm to surprised anymore. America is totally controlled by Jews and Jews hate Christianity so they are forcing degeneracy to destroy Christianity in the west.

William Kennedy says:

Gotta homeschool your kids homie these people are retarded

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