Don’t Let The Left Bully You Into Stopping Free Speech In America

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CBS News attacks honest reporters in order to continue the suppression of truth.

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King Yellowman says:

denounces identity politics
supports white nationalists

Lrdvltr says:

Millie should do porn.

bohemianwriter1 says:

That's rich coming from a RW fanatic who now defends RW kkk thugs who tries to silence dissent and free speech that triggers the beta morons who voted for the orang man baby and scam artist.
My take is that Drumpf won't last a year, or he will cause a civil war, in which the GOP is the instigator and provocateur.
GOP false flags to silence the left is already in the plans.
GOP has already started to target LIBERAL websites who don't fall in line with the "MAGA" narrative.
Anyone remember those caps?
For anyone of you ignoant cucks who can actually read, can read that those caps were made in CHINA!
Because Trump don't like American workeres, American unions, and a living wage for Americans,
Drumpf belives in slave wages for brown people in chains.
Drumpf is a paracite and republican terrorist. And so are every fucked up peabrain who drinks his kool aid.

brad h says:

Patriotic minorities need to step up and participate in these rallies. Have t-shirts made with a free speech message on them. Make sure the diversity would be seen from any camera angle. Leave no opportunity for them to construe it as a racist event. War is won with strategy. Strategy and guts.
"Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves."
Matthew 10:16

Mr. Potato Head says:

Quote: "I'm concerned, I mean we live in a place where everyone should have freedom of speech but it's not right. So just because you have the right to say what you want… you shouldn't." UMMM… WTF?

Javier Vargas says:

It's awful to be violent, but sometimes If we want peace, we must be ready to battle for it.

jeffy john says:

She needs to go as Rainbow Snatch…

Sauron Merciful says:

Look, the first amendment is fine, neo nazis whoever these assholes are are free to spew their revolting language and hate, but we have the right to he offended. That's how democracy works. If they turn up with shields, clubs, maces and guns.. That is not a peaceful protest, that is preparation for violence. That asshole in the car drove from another state to comitt his terrorist attack, so don't play the victim card

Ydur Senun says:

White Powder!

hr 777 says:


danmar007 says:

It's about time you woke up and started using the law.

Al Rowell says:

Someone's a secret Alt-Right, White National, Eugenicist, Paleoconservative, Neo Nazi, Right-Wing Libertarian, Racist White Supremacist, KKK member.

Eve says:

Treason is being committed against our president. Treason….look it up…google it, if you still can with all the censors they've applied. This country is full of sheep who can't see when someone is trying to help them. They need to get off his ass and let him do his job. Treason used to be punishable by death…now it just goes on right in front of the public….on live tv.

LM dnjchen says:

Yes, all this brouhaha is exactly what they want and we really need to get past this.  CBS, NBC, and ABC are REALLY twisting this, don't watch or listen to them, and boycott their advertisers.   Oh yeah, don't listen to Glenn Beck either, OMFG.

LM dnjchen says:

MIllie did awesome reporting during and after this event.

Arkain says:

I cant stand that alex calls fly over america "fly over country", how is he still saying it wrong?

simon dent says:

The Russian collusion failed , President Trump was a alt left communist , now he's in collusion with alt right wing fascists . Next the left and mainstream media be claiming he will be in collusion with Marvin the Martian .

Get Zapt says:

Its going to be all about the numbers in the coming revolution. At least everyone will find out where the real majority numbers lie…this alone will make the revolution worth it.

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