Exclusive: Trump Set To Pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio Before Planned Trip To Arizona

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Trump is set to pardon Patriot Sheriff Joe Arpaio after months of trial arguably violated his constitutional rights.

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Abd R M says:

Trump would clone Hitler if he could! So pardoning Arpaio isn't surprising.

Eric Blair says:

Sheriff is an American patriotic HERO, he is convicted for exposing the Fake BCertificate with forensic scientific evidence…Arpaio persecuted for enforcing immigration laws, but Sanctuary sheriffs being praised by Obama…

Bloodylaser says:

Arizona republicans love Sheriff Joe only person who hates Joe is Trump's biggest hater in AZ two time loser Senator McCain!

lumpyspacecadet says:

Arpaio would have to admit guilt in order to get a pardon. He may be convinced of his innocence too much.

Sadie-Kay says:

Sheriff Joe Arpaio deserves justice. #FreeJoeArpaio today!

MarcianoJRL says:

arpio should be hanged

George Jones says:

Free Joe!!!!

Juan Abel Perez says:

Oh no enough is enough is time to stop all this crap if he think that's right to do that then is time to do lot of thinks

Trump2017 says:

Sheriff Joe needs to run for mayor.

TwazkemUSAbi says:

Arrest the criminals who convicted sheriff Joe.

Iamwolf134 says:

To pardon Joe Arpaio is nothing short of a good first step in setting a precedent that will further embolden patriots across America. More so than they already were.

Vuts Man says:

We'll take a swap. Obama for Arpaio. Who agrees?

johneleven25 says:

Arpaio is an outstanding person. God bless him.

# 45 is Our American Hero says:

Barry Soetoro is a muSLIM nigga and was not born in America!

Blu Mystik says:


Brian Moore says:

same with the bundy ranch, these people should be pardoned…

Thenew Neandertalien says:

Survival Rule: the Justice department is a high place of sabotage in the US bureaucracy. Will Trump fight sabotage and treason in the US bureaucracy?
"The “deep state” is an imaginary entity. The entire US bureaucracy is engaged in an open sabotage and treason. An update on the US as of July 2017.":thenewneandertalienen.wordpress.com/2017/07/18/the-deep-state-is-an-imaginary-entity-the-entire-us-bureaucracy-is-engaged-in-an-open-sabotage-and-treason-an-update-on-the-us-as-of-july-2017/

doczg88 says:

Joe Arpaio for Secretary of Homeland Security.

Kostchtchle says:

about fucking time he pardon him, he can do bundy also while he is at it

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