Eyewitness Testimony Of What Happened In Charlottesville

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Raheem Kassam, an eyewitness to the events in Charlottesville, joins Owen Shroyer live via Skype to lay out exactly what he saw before and after the Unite the Right event took place.

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Paul Thorne says:

kesslers an obama operative. and a satanist. TOTAL SET UP.

Lance Winslow says:

"Scamper away like a cockroach to light" – loved that line….

orrin clerk says:

CNN don't ker about the truth only the hipe

dohnnycash says:

Whoever is responsible for the Police not doing their job should be fired and prosecuted. Make an example out of them, then the rest of these Public Officials that think they are above the Law will tremble with fear.

OR's Lonewolf says:

Wasp spray!!

OR's Lonewolf says:

Dodge Challengers have a strong history of accelerators sticking. Just stating the facts.

Exegezel 1 says:

I can never listen to Owen Shroyer without thinking, "God, ur a jerk-off!" I imagine Owen is a chronic compulsive masturbator, & that's all i get from him, in my psyche.

Naruto says:

why do some people hate just because the color of someones skin. when you are born you dont get to choose what skin color you want or how u look and there is no reason to hate someone based off of looks. so sad to see people actually agree with white supremecy and the kkk. it makes me sick.

darren parmley says:

Anyone that shows up to a protest with masks on..baseball bats..etc…should be arrested instantly…for inciting a riot

Frechinator too says:

More like anarcho-nihilism.

yinkoos says:

raheem fucking Paki liar trump will soon deport you to KANDAHAR.


im not buying this excuse for that evil murderer even if he was attacked with baseball bats it didnt give him a right to run over people like that. it was totally intentional what he did to those people.

Carmine Gazzo says:

Check out Red Ice Radio to see whats really going on in euorope.

funkmouth says:

Was he going to say Infojews at 3:47 lmfao

joseph baska says:

This is nothing but an attempt by the leftists to try to take constutional rights to peacubly asembel and well as free speach. Remember this people if you these God given and constaturonaly backed right from one groop they are taken from all. They also want to cause a race war so that we the people will have all our rights taken. The best hope we have to save our freedoms is to band together as americens and think before we act

Cuda man says:

That trump clip was awesome

Bass cannon Jake says:

antifa are the real nazis they want to destroy history cuz it offends them

Be Sting Talk Radio says:

We have 8-trillion bullets. They don't know what bathroom to use.

JJH says:

Great segment Owen!

Fred Shrewsbury says:


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