Fake News Now Endorses Domestic Terrorist Group Antifa

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Owen Shroyer exposes how, after the Charlottesville riot, the mainstream media has now officially begun to refer to masked Antifa members as heroes against horrible, Trump-supporting racists.

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Danyell Washington says:

When you're used to privilege, EQUALITY feels like oppression. White nationalists groups have admitted to the FEAR of becoming the minority. If everyone in "equal".. why would it matter? If there really isn't a disparage and there isn't a WHITE privilege, what is there to fear?

Nehemiah fox says:

I hope someone fucks you up the ass

Nehemiah fox says:

You sound like an idiot cyka

Zan Zeebar says:

ANTIFA KICKED YOUR FLABBY NAZI ASSES. Antifa are the real patriots – real Americans hate Nazis like you. They. Kicked. Your. Asses. Maybe you need to get some more exercise and eat your vegetables.

Axel Paff says:

Soros is a danger to democracy in the USA and around the world, he is a terrorist, he must be arrested immediately

B # says:

It doesn't matter what happened in the past… this is today…. but they're coming for the flags… and the statues… then the paintings… and the books… and the buildings… street names… city names… pictures on the money… the coins… the laws… the Constitution… then… they will be coming for you… they have all gravitated to the cities… and that is their weakness… their political weakness is that Democratic Socialists are legion, but in only a few areas… that is why they are not represented in government… that is why they riot in the streets… it's the rural areas that carried the last election… 2020 is not far off…! Are Americans ready to get out and vote…? They'd better be, because the Left is organizing right now… the Democratic Socialists are organized…

sneakers o'toole says:

Antifa needs to die

Pablo Alleninho says:

Astronauts are actors.

Gr8WhtMomba says:

Lorde sucking the big black lives matter cock.

Ghazi Zalami says:

If the whites are ashamed of their color, why don't they paint themselves black. Simple!

bl4ckant32 says:

Lorde is ugly and horrible music

Red Gamer says:

this guys is a child, how old are u again?


those peoples they arethe. . Real racists thanks god im not one of protests peoples

Justin Facer says:

Alt knights need to beat the "Nazis" (probably deep state actors) up before even worrying about the Antifa fags.

Stop The Madness Franky Babe says:

Remember lefty white women hate white males, they have been brainwashed since year dot

USA man says:


Laughing Lark says:

Corrupt or stupid? Probably both.

JM H says:

Lorde, I am embarrassed to say, is a kiwi pop star who has done well crawling out of the butt of the New Zealand music scene . Given the quality of her music, I assume that she sold her soul for success.

Crack Baby says:

Everybody is afraid to condemn BLM black supremacy because they know they will be called racist. Just like if you say something about Jews your automatically an anti Semite even though plenty of evidence exists to prove that the Holocaust never happened.

Legion XVIII says:

Go to yahoo and read the comments section. 95% pillory the article. I'm sure it will be closed soon. Hahaha.

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