Fired Google Employee James Damore…

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Truth Found says:

Picture is black. What is going on?

E says:

Every time I try to watch a Breitbart video it's a black screen… Hmmmm

Craig MacGillicutty says:

Goolag. #War
Helicopter ride for Pichai.

Aqua Fyre says:

Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Youtube & Twitter are a serious threat to Democracy
Time for these Monopolies to be Broken up. It's time for President Trump to step in.

molly bird says:

Proof that Alt-Left Democrats want Communism/Socialism.

Mr Happy Guy says:

I just googled white couples. Wow!!!

John Ratko says:

Google is toxic.

Q3Rooster says:

GooGle is ISIS !!!

David F says:

suckerboyg is not as clean as he wants us to believe

Jrion says:

Get that muslim CEO out of our American company. Send him back to the middle east!!

Greg Awhite says:

Fuk foogle..

Justin McClure says:

A show, just a show. Distractions, distractions anyone?

Ruby Honey says:

Seeing the world as it really is
And not how you would like it to be
Is the beginning of wisdom
Bertrand Russell

Constant Chinner says:

Facts are sexist and racist.

Airborne Redpills says:

I genuinely don't understand why BB doesn't put more effort into video.

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