FULL: President Trump UNLEASHED: DESTROYS the Press in EXPLOSIVE Press Conference 8/15/17

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Trump Tower, NYC 8/15/17FULL: President Trump Destroys the Press in EXPLOSIVE Press Conference 8/15/17


r3830 says:

Handled tremendously well.

Good News says:

Think about it racism was not a term used around the time of the Civil War. People had slaves not because they didn't like them but because they were useful. Africans were sold into slavery in Africa and shipped to the US.

Danisha Parker says:

1:26 The most IMPULSIVE person on the planet says he didn't want to rush into a statement without knowing the facts. But rushes to Twitter at 4am spewing bs (i.e. being wiretapped) . Imagine that….

say hello to my little friend says:

Trump is the incarnation of George Washington. God bless Donald Trump!

GodsmackAR69 says:

The press has gotten so unbelievably biased, it's disgusting! God Bless President Trump! He deserves better…

Bill Briscoe says:

So the Libtards can be violent and harm folks but its ok? BULLSHIT!

T L says:

Since when is it ok to argue with the President of the United States of America? Never have I seen such disrespect!

no name says:

Liberal media reporters/propagandists are the scum of the earth. But that's liberals for you.

Bill Briscoe says:


J B says:

This 15 minute clip is history. I love when President Trump easily disproves and shuts down the medias bias and ignorant influence. Truth VS lies! I've been listening to the media speaking about this conference, but had not had the time to watch it for myself. What a shocker. This is absolute Gold. I needed this boost of energy and truth!

joshua tift says:

The klan members had had a permit to be there but ANTIFA didn't at all, and where were the cops at anyway???

Heather Ann Voytilla says:

What happened to the Russian collusion? Haven't heard anything from that lately? BECAUSE THEY HAVE NOTHING!

Rob McGill says:

WE love president Trump, American President.

joshua tift says:

Not for nothing but the left has been pushing and promoting ANTIFA and Black lives matters an they are both hate groups as well

MB McMahon says:

They should have to stay on the subject being announced.

J D says:

He is on pace to be the greatest president of the people, ever..

Ruth Butler says:

The press needs to shut the F up and let him finish one question before they interrupt over and over. the more I witness the press the more I regard them as worthless.
I don't even read free publications and click next to nothing online except live events.

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