FULL: President Trump UNLEASHED: DESTROYS the Press in EXPLOSIVE Press Conference 8/15/17

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August 15. 2017: In what was to be a speech on infrastructure, President Trump turned it into an impromptu press conference and destroyed the media.


why are people raciest says:


bigguy130 says:

To the liberals who are brainwashed by the msm and say Trump is not my president…let me tell you this…Trump IS my president!

JC Staling says:

We Love You, Trump!

Manuel Canino says:

Thanks God, Trump is our president, we need him, he is powerful and have outstanding cojones, he made the North Korean President retreat and also beat up the Fake news Press. Go Trump

Steven Lissner says:

Donald J Trump will prove to be the greatest President in American history.
God bless you President Trump, your family, America, Israel, Bibi Netanyahu, the IDF and Alex Jones of Info Wars.

Ruth Butler says:

Isn't President Trump supposed to be on vacation?

say hello to my little friend says:

Guam is still there, thank you President Trump.

jimmy james says:


say hello to my little friend says:

Four more years

Harley Davidson says:

This is just another Russian troll channel spewing FAKE comments. Nice try, guys, but comrade Trump (unAmerican traitor) "will die in jail", and there's not a thing you can do to help him.

Utahstrong says:

The monuments were not put up to hail the heroes. The two sides made a deal to put them up to honor the dead.

MissChievousRN says:

These press reps are amazingly STUPID… The repetitive inane questions… These are NOT reporters, they are opinion journalists! And no one is interested in facts- only opinion and only theirs… Its embarrassing- I would be mortified if that was me asking these ridiculous questions and making accusations and innuendo based on biased agendas
As usual, NO ONE reports the infrastructure plan!
Let's all focus on the latest planned organized riot and COMPLETELY MISS/IGNORE POLICY!!!

MissChievousRN says:

Well done Mr President!!

MrZentrierer says:

I am from Europe and am following US media for a good year now. One thing just came to my mind here.
Trump talks about Jobs and wealth helping against race-tensions and what not… In my humble opinion, you americans have a folk-psychosis as in still separating within OUR race, that is human. There is different skin colors… so what? Still the same race -> HUMAN.
Once you guys start talking about this topic, you start triggering each other until there is no tomorrow… Life is too short for this nonsense, no matter what your politcal beliefs are.

Eli Ohlman says:

Yessssss!!!! Tell it like it is President Trump!!!! You are awesomeness!!!

fleetfootedtexan says:

Press getting what they deserve.

Trevor Mills says:

Trump is right. Great answers!!!

Glen McInnis says:

A great President, great coverage and really like your reading of comments. Please tweet the following and share: Will the liberal left fascists soon go after the Egyptian pyramids calling for their being taken down? Why you ask? Because the pyramids were built using slave labor. If we let the left continue to dismantle and rewrite history, history will be both forgotten and repeated. Sad. Very sad. So many brain dead people who hate freedom, families, children, Christians and all that is right and true.

Debbie Villalobos says:

Why is a military not getting no medical only the f**** immigrants are we want the f**** shut down shut down the welfare for these people no more drivers license no more nothing 40 people nothing

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