FULL SPEECH: President Trump Calls Out White Supremacists 8/14/17

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LIVE STREAM: President Trump Issues a Statement on Charlottesville 8/14/17


Carlos Garcia says:

BLM is racism and bigotry.
I wanna see justice DELIVERED.

Dee Jefferson says:

Everything Trump said in that statement, needed to be heard. This message needed to be heard long ago. Anyone out there that doesn't support this message, race not being an issue, supports racism. All of you that were in support of Trump, who now wish to condemn Trump for his statement, are clearly ignorant racist bigoted idiots. This country and the constitution is suppose to embody that entire statement. Trump is 100% correct in saying this has gone on too long. I didn't vote in this election. I wasn't aware that Donald Trump would be the type of man he's proving to be. I wasn't at anytime comfortable with Hillary Clinton taking office, due to the fact that the democratic party is clearly the problem with American Politics. I am African American and I attest that the democratic party is hear to keep all minorities exactly where they are, in a inferior position. Donald Trump, in my opinion, hasn't lived up to anyone's expectations. To the racist and bigots, he was thought to be there savior. He would bring forth a since of superiority and hate that has plagued this nation. To the minorities, the same ridiculous ideas played part in their expectations. I believe now that Donald Trump is wanting to do exactly what he expressed. Donald Trump intends to make America great again. Bigotry, hate, discrimination and separation is not going to make America great. I as an African American, misjudged Trump. Breaking down the barriers is what will make America great again. Putting and end to many of the abused public assistance programs is what will make America great again. There are many minorities angry because Trump is taking away your ability to bleed the tax money from freebies. There are many racist and bigots angry because Trump is taking away your ability to continue to spew hate and unjust acts towards minorities. For all of you bigots and ignorant minorities, I have one message. Trump is the President that this country needs. Good luck Donald Trump, for you have my support now

Jazzycat47 says:

He could fart into a microphone, and his followers would think it was the Gettysburg Address.

Koh Bee Teng says:

All for Blue Supremacy — Smurfs , cute blue little people. Hope mini Smurf robots exist.

Maris Gonzales says:

He should have specifically said antifa & BLM

Henry V says:

Well done Mr Trump – it's appropriate to consider the entirety of history. Most of the children who are in antifa and white power groups are just misguided, but to ram through a bunch of people, even if they are morons is plain evil and unhinged.

Peter Dustin says:

No one will ever be happy, it was a good speech! It is a big step in the right direction! He said exactly what the majority of his voters are feeling!

David Dyer says:

He should have also called out ANTIFA and BLM for their violence.

cabebet says:

A man ramd his car into a crowd….how could this be seen as peaceful???

Devin says:

I swear, no one is ever pleased. First people say Trump is racist for not condemning white supremacist…..he releases this speech…..people are mad he's not saying what they want him to say. Like, get a good grip. He condemned hate and violence, and said we are all equal as Americans.

ED ED says:

Trump blew it; his first statement was almost perfect by not identifying one hate and or terrorist group over another. They all should be condemned as equally evil, from Black Lives Matter to White Supremacists, from ISIS to Islam, from Democrats to Republicans it doesn’t matter. That’s the way Trump should have answered this Us vs. Them fight. OH! Who’s approved and permitted protest rally was this in the first place, yet the non-permitted party started the fight and lost. Did the mayor or an official of this state cause this, and everyone in the permitted party should bring civil action lawsuits against everyone responsible for protecting the legal demonstration? IT’S THE 2ND AMENDMENT STUPID and Trump should have made that his message.

Freeloader462 says:

So now white people are all either racist or hate their skin color. Lol what about black power does that not exist? Is that not BLM, and the Anti-fa sorta like fascists? I'm hoping for nuclear holocaust!

TheThemacgurl says:

I liked seeing Trump point right at Acosta CNN today and tell him again to his face, "You're fake news."….the hate emanating from the far-left and the people who speak for them is like a sickness, it's eating away at their soul….CNN, NPR, MSNBC, NYT, WhaaPoo do nothing but spew hate. They celebrate racial discord and violence. They are a cancer on America

Daniel Day says:

All the leftists will always follow the ASSHATES of G.Sorris are the fools having no individual thoughts.!

canpfire says:

Awesome speech, very articulate, not too short or too long……He would have rocked America in a positive way if he said this at the get go.

warren munroe says:

Trump caved in to the leftists today….he's a backstabber. He blamed ALL the violence yesterday on the right.

Rose Campion says:

Too little, too late from Trump. He's been dog whistling the right-wing to violence since the beginning of his campaign. I'm really looking forward to his impeachment.

Gary Green says:

Beautiful Statement. Although I Wonder If Those Words Truly Represent What's In His Heart.

DEploribus Unum says:

The denial of the nationalists civil rights were violated. People need to chill out when he says they will look into it.

Jay Geis says:

Remember who the critics are. The critics are the fake news that have been assisting the Washington Swamp for decades. Trump is honoring his promises to the 2500 US counties (out of the 3100 total US counties) who voted for him. God bless people who voted for him to save America for all Americans.

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