Google Surrenders

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But for daring to consider that sex differences in tech can be attributed to something other than a shadowy, amorphous figure named sexism, James was swiftly fired. Google’s CEO, in turn, claimed that James was a sexist, suggesting something he never wrote: that women possess “traits that make them biologically less suited” for tech. That was a lie. Here is the full Google memo:

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Aaron Jacobs says:

I wouldn't be surprised if this channel got banned from youtube for discussing other people who are banned from youtube. Social justice is a hell of a drug.

Dashie's Mixtape says:

This channel deserves more subscribers

Ragemutt says:

I wonder how long it will take Google to remove this video.

Jeffrey Riddle says:

Isn't it funny how liberals are so hypocritical.  On the one hand they denounce racism as all human beings do.  On the other hand they require diversity for the sake of diversity by discriminating against certain people based on their gender or race.  When will we learn that taking in to consideration anyone's genetic makeup when deciding who to hire is just as bad.  Is this not what is actually going on?  If not, what support or argument does Google have to suggest that that is not exactly what they are doing?  We all want different perspectives.  If it comes from a woman, a man, or a minority, it shouldn't matter.  Setting that aside, Google has a duty to its shareholders to select from ALL of the available candidates, the best qualified individuals that can innovate and create more profit for the company.  I question if that can actually be accomplished with the current "diversity" requirements they have put in place.  I want women to succeed.  I WANT minorities to succeed.  But that success does not START at the job site.  It STARTS at kindergarten and expectations from parents and teachers to succeed.

Ben Dover says:

Google and ideological similar media outlets who outright and mendaciously lie genuinely pisses me off, it's unbelievable they can get away with it.

jicudi says:

Very well done.

MajorMotionMatt says:

What a great, great video. Thanks for the research. Thanks Alexander (and Kieran). We all appreciate it.

JackofAllSpadess says:

I bet they didn't even read the entire memo. They just read until the first example of why women are biologically uninterested in tech work and started the reporting.

ArcanicFire says:

He better take legal action. I'm sure there is something he could argue.

jchoneandonly says:

I was hoping this was about Google backing down on its bullshit

0xygenIsOverRated says:

Whoa there was an ad for me!! YouTube hasn't used their Nazi power to demonetize you yet.

Yamayamauchiman says:


mo's Ahamhead says:

The left has been taken over by women's feelings. Unfortunately on the left a lot of the men are also women.

Barb Bishop says:

Stupid, fake, made up "jew" propaganda

mayanbu says:

We were having a discussion about this at work, of all places, and a woman chimed in and said, "I'm glad he got fired, such sexism should not be allowed". I asked if she had read the memo. She responded "no, i read the excerpts" but of course she was not referring to excerpts from the memo but excerpts from the articles commenting on the memo.

DethHasArrived says:

Fuck YouTube and Google

Auli says:

Then you might have gone through… The Scary Door-

EgoChip says:

I love how men are reaping what they have sown over the millennia. It's about time they had a taste of oppression.

112233jjooee says:

I really want google to be destroyed as a company. I don’t trust the access to my information that they have, I am sure they are fucking around with group level psychology and public opinion and are even blacklisting people like us. At the first proof of this I will commit everything in my power to taking google down

awesomefacepalm says:

This year I dumped Google (except for Youtube)

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