How The New World Order Plans To Start A Civil War

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Owen Shroyer takes calls from Infowarriors around the world, exposing how the new world order plans to create civil unrest that could eventually lead to all out war between our citizenry.

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dantuy ghte says:

I think the civil war in the way, our country should be cleaned up from the evils and the scum of community , the foreigners and useless people who makes problems and Riots must be in the prison . president Trump should be take a strong security procedures to stop the Potential civil war.

Domkratos says:

Because u had no clue of what was going on in the 90-es, when the Soviets were being sacrificed to the agonizing Moloch of global capitalism, u birds either didn't care or celebrated the 'fall of communism'. How unwise. It didn't fall. It's an idea. It has just won and then failed in a particular place, whereas capitalism has failed miserably across the board. U r in multiquadrillion debt. Get real.

joseph keeney says:

None of trump kid is out drinking & drugging pass out on the floor.

Jonathan Nunez says:

what is going on with info wars…………………………..

Noble Barnes says:

You guys should be ready for antifa, a civil war is inevitable

harryshafta says:

LOL wake up sheep he played you guys

harryshafta says:


Laura Garcia says:

"…who's gonna be the throne of your destiny? is it going to be the government or you?" huh… well ive never really considered whether the government or myself… could be the throne of my destiny…


if they Are Going to starting a Civil War i think this We Are Going To Have A division War Zone I think This We Are Going to To Have A Real Gun In Real Life

Culty Culty Cult Cult says:

Bernie Sanders wants to create an excess amount of cheap doctorbs with affirmative action!


Well which is it Alex the New World order is dead or the New World order is starting the Civil War pick one

Jack Flak says:

Loved the first caller. Give her her own show AJ

Borrio Boy says:

A civil war would be dope it's not like the left has any weapons or anything

1972trs says:

These fools who seem to think that only whites owned slaves need to really do some research. 1st slave owner in America was a black man who owned another black man, and he even went to court to make so he owned him for life. Heck it was blacks who were selling other blacks to Americans for slaves. Im not saying it was right either for what whites put blacks thru many, many years ago, no one should ever have to go thru what those poor black slaves went thru.
2 wrongs dont make a right, and what happened in Virginia was the fault of both sides, not just one. Its OK, for BLM to hold rallies, and other black cults that hate whites, yet its not OK for those whites who hate blacks to protest. If its OK for 1 group to protest, then it should be OK for both to hold protest. Both groups are ignorant fools, and IMO no hate group should be allowed to protest IMO, but then you open a whole nother can of worms, because then you start crossing the line of free speech. Unfortunately this is why Soro's and the globalist are doing this, because it will divide the nation even more than whats its already is, and it got much worse over the past 8 yrs of Obama, because he would not denounce hate groups, unless it was whites nationalist, or Christian groups against abortion and gay marriage, then he would quickly denounce those groups.
A divided nation will fall, and thats why Soros is paying these protesters along with other globalist who want a 1 world government, where your freedom will be taken away, and the whole world will be communist run by dictators. People in this nation no matter you race, or religion better wise up real quick, because all this fighting, will bring all your freedoms down.

Frank STEIN says:


Amanda Sayre says:

doesnt anyone realize that one of our greatest presidents said a house divided cannot stand we must together if not for trump then for each other for our future and so that anyone who dare threaten our safety knows well destroy them

King Yellowman says:

Getting protestors info is a good place to start? lol
I thought you guys supported freedom of speech…lol
Whats next? fema camps?
you lunatics should be outraged?
Imagine if obama wanted the info of all the teaparty retards

MargaRitaVille says:

I can't be manipulated or dominated but many of us have been intimidated in our truth

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