Milo Yiannopoulos on Breitbart News Daily (8/14/2017)

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Breitbart News Daily – Milo Yiannopoulos – August 14, 2017


One-Eye says:

I love how the Left claim to be so pro-science. That is, until you tell them that gender and race are biologically infallible. Then you're likely to get a brick to the head.

One-Eye says:

The only kind of 'white privilege' I will ever acknowledge is that white people have the privilege of being able to be whatever they want in life without fear of their family, friends and community calling them a 'sell-out' or an 'Uncle Tom'.

NOBODY holds black people back more than other black people. Their regressive attitudes to education and employment and thre despicable notion of 'keeping it real' have resigned more talented, bright black kids to stay in the ghetto than whitey ever has.

Lukasz Rzepiel says:

what an idiotic interview. alt right was always white supremacists/segregationists. it's the the broadening out of the definition of the term "alt right" that's the problem. we don't want to save the term "alt right", we want the left to stop falsely associating every conservative with the alt right.

BikeGypsy says:

Milo grasping at straws, trying to remain relevant. "The left invented political violence"… political violence is all the left had you ass wipe. Political violence is what the French Revolution was about because the far right always has the high ground.

DucksDeLucks says:

The Democrats have not won the white vote since LBJ beat Goldwater in 1964. That sounds like disenfranchisement to me. If identity politics works for the left, why shouldn't the right follow suit? Not dumb and fringy. Smart and increasingly acceptable.

arsenic milkshakes says:

Milo is a degenerate who does not represent the alt right, he always thought Nazi memes were great he's just another loser trying to co opt and milk a movement like cernovic

Man on the street says:

You guys should change your name to ALT-PC.

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