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Sub for more: nnn.is/the_new_media | What you are about to see is epic Trump. He just blasted the media over their terrible and fake coverage of the horrific events in Charlottesville, Virginia where extreemests from the right and the left collided violently.

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epleub says:

The President did an amazing job to give this unbiased press conference and gave a brilliant description of what really happened. Thank God for a wonderful President!

Simion Wabol says:

Hahaha…. Go Trump!!!!! Gotta love President Trump. He says it like it is. He says what I think of the media. Only thing is, I don't have the balls to talk bad to the press, because they might ruined my life. I guess, President Trump can do the fighting for me. I'll back him out.

Ana Osorio says:

Mr president Donald Trump, Yahweh will bless you and keep you.

C1J8M says:

Epic, Honest, and Great Speech on behalf of the President Donald Trump~We Thank You Sir!

Leslie Westover says:

Thank you Gary!

joe dirte says:

Hell yeah go Trump he should handle his own press conferences for now own he handle that shit like a boss

Randall Lannon says:

Get off his Ass!!!

Under Wood says:

He address the question in the manner I would have wanted it done had I known about this press conference before hand. He didn't allow the press to sway his impartiality.

Shawn Grey says:

I think we have different definitions of hell breaking loose.

dakotail says:

President Donald J. Trump   is  the   best  MAN  what USA have now ~~  and is time all the educated people  get together  and give the force  to our President !!   we need a whirl person ~~~  the  PRESS should go after  BUSH ~~CLINTON~~OBAMA~~ because  those ex=Presidents are trying to stop DONALD TRUMP ~~ and we all have to be ALERT  ~~ and also they try to destroy USA…  because those Presidents did nothing for the American People  ~~~ they where only helping themselves  whit our hard work ~~  is time to stop all that nonsense  about our President DONALD J. TRUMP !!!

bonnybank12233 says:

Go Trump! Alt left, Bingo!

wayne villano says:

I just watched a video of the police chief in the town where they tore down that statue.. 30 40 people put a strap around a statue public property rip it down and the police just stand there.. interview with the police chief he actually said we can replace statues but we can't replace people.. he should be fired immediately

andrew Hill says:

Trump is just a straight forward person he didn't sugarcoat it

CItec Xeon says:

What a fair man, Mr President I love how you handle the stupid media …
Greetings from one of the many supporters from Australia..

Larry Norsworthy says:

Where was all the looting and destruction like the "mostly peaceful" protests of BLM ANTIFA SJW's???

William Bester says:

As a Namibian that was the best ever take done of msm. What a great President .

Tom Hill says:

ther's two sides to a story, absolutely correct.

Larry Norsworthy says:

Finally. A president with common damn sense and a backbone!

Jim Man says:

fact is, you had a legal group the right with a permit to protest and you had a criminal element the left bent on violence with no permit. criminals do not follow laws or get permits. as i see it the only criminals here were the left the global socialist. as in Germany pre ww-2, the then national socialist were the violent ones too.

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