Muslim No Go Zones Taking Over Europe

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Raheem Kassam, UK Editor for Breitbart News, joins Owen Shroyer live via Skype to talk about his new book “No Go Zones”, a chronicle of the expansion of Sharia Law suburbs and cities across Europe.

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Me Me England UK says:

I walked down a street in Bradford England in 1997 and remember being hit by a Kodak 35mm film case on my head. I turned on my heels in the street and was amazed to see 4 Asian toddlers no more than about 4 years old shouting "Get out of OUR area" ! It is these same toddlers who have grown into the fanatics we now see all over the UK. The writing was on the wall in the 1990s and the failed self serving liberal political elite has done nothing to stop this happening in fact, they have facilitated the whole multicultural mess we find ourselves in. I am a white ethnic British man who can trace my family history back to the 1400s. Many of my ancestors gave their lives for this great country including 2 brothers and their cousin (Weaver) on a small village war memorial in Barnsley Gloucestershire. I want my country back and I want these disloyal and dangerous Muslims to be expelled and returned to Muslim lands. The English speaking Anglo Saxon World (UK, USA, Canada, Aussie, NZ) must stand as one against these tyrants who plot to destroy our countries from within. We Brits have you Yanks back and it will always be so. The vast majority of sensible law abiding Brits love the USA and we Brits will forever be your greatest ally. It's nothing to do with skin colour at all – what counts above all else is LOYALTY. I'm happy to live among anyone if they integrate and bring something to the party.

Brenda Maki says:

God bless this man Raheem for truth speak!

Brenda Maki says:

makes me sick,mi resident here,upper part,our laws are our laws! I am almost 60,but future of grandchildren!

Darren Finnerty says:

Race war now

Flashbangb4 says:

It absolutely will happen here. With our media? They will promote no go zones!

123Pulseofamaggot says:

This guy has the answers…

Quiz people on whether they like football and perving on cheerleaders and go from there.

Thank you American media for your wisdom

123Pulseofamaggot says:

From the uk, this stuff about 'no go zones' is bollocks.

You can go anywhere, if YOU make the decision not to because you feel scared to beca minority thats your own decision.

This is like when Fox said white people weren't allowed in Birmingham….

Darthchris Lord21 says:

The liberals are trying to tear down the Teddy Roosevelt statue in front of the museum of natural history in New York!!! We need to defend our heritage!!!

Yassine EL says:

bullshit news !i live in europe this is scum !

John wilson says:

We ready in Michigan they can try but they go get fucked up

SkyWalker says:

Muslim No Go Zone- all of Sydney

Debedeb says:

They take advantage of your laws

Debedeb says:

Stupity to let them in

Clear sky Over the lake says:

Maybe we Should do Something About it. We Should Bus ourselves in and March down the Streets.

Jasmine says:

Estremists are muslims, terrorists, islamist, most of them
so much hell we got with muslims, we never have before
Lord in Heaven, come now before we all falling down in islam, communism etc hell with satan and his people

Jasmine says:

It s the muslims who are racists. Christ is comming och clean up
Muslims take over, because the white people are stupid.
Now we can only trust Christ, nobody els can save us and the world

W Derku says:

White people need to wake up before we are extinct.

Michael Reddy says:

Shit he said Michigan too many times. That's where I live

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