New Crop Of Politicians Seek To Make Congress Team Trump

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To guarantee President Trump’s success a pro-Trump, anti-establishment republican congress needs to be the primary goal of 2018.

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jeffy john says:

All of these old Dems like Podesta, Biden, and Waters look like zombies without a pulse. Why would anyone want to put their future in the hands of these creatures.

Elizabeth Plum says:

president Trump can't put anything thru Congress because even half of the republican Party is bought and paid for, their there for a paycheck ( been there so long can't really work ) or just don't give a damn about America !!!

Sadie-Kay says:

Great interview with Michael Snyder. Show up for the primaries, folks! Remove the Rhinos and the leftists from office and give President Trump a boost! This is really important! AND stay safe!

Dialectical Monist says:

I've never voted Republican, but ever since Trump, I think I need to. They're more likely to not go after him, at least openly.

wattsup1004 says:

You want to educate voters, start an InfoWars Game Show. People love game shows more then they hate CNN. Keep it family oriented and have some fun.

# 45 is Our American Hero says:

The world knows the News Media here in America are nothing more than over paid "professional liars" that whore their self's daily to keep their jobs, and they are totally devoid of any self respect! Facts are irrelevant to the Fake-News/liberal democrats! Which makes them irrelevant! lol TRUMP WINS AGAIN…. are we tired of winning yet?

Bloodylaser says:

Who's this RINO that is trying take on Michael Snyder.

Bloodylaser says:

Everyone in AZ needs to back Kelli Ward.

Phil McGroin says:

Careful the comments are full of CONTROLLED OPPOSITION LOSERS! #MAGA vote in Trump Congress people in 2018 let's do this #MAGA

Thenew Neandertalien says:

"Liberals wanted the US to do something about Crimea". Analysis: Actually, "the US", or the traitors from the US State Department, DID something about Crimea: they urged Ukraine not to resist the takeover of Crimea by Russia, though the Ukraine had adequate forces to do so". Survival Rule: The US, or more exactly the saboteurs and traitors who run the country, have sabotaged and betrayed and will sabotage and betray in the future all of its allies.
"A US intelligence commander: “The U.S. had urged Ukraine not to resist the Russian takeover of Crimea, though Ukraine had adequate forces to do so”

HomeValue Glass says:

Trump needs to ensure that we have fair elections right now. No more dead people voting and illegal non-citizen a voting. If he can ensure we have legal elections, liberals are toast.

Vorpal Bite says:

So what if ppl still cannt find North Korea on a map – THEY ARE STILL A TERRORIST STATE ! Read a history book.

JR R says:

raise your volume when recording!!!! ill lower it on my end … i cant hear shit!!!

Mathew Mark says:

Google censoring us makes him a terrorist attack antifa are terrorist

Terry Moore says:

There will never be a impeachment of president Trump…period!

Gabriel C. Lermas says:

Wanna get Americans to become smarter then their dogs? Start teaching mathematics, sciences history, literature and quit pusifying the boys and men and stop teaching humanities and communcore bs curriculums. All this pc bs is out of control

Mr. SPINKS!! says:

Too bad there's like what 3 or 4 of em (Pro Trump Congressmen)? And if you think the frothing, insane Dems aren't going to have a turnout of over 80% in 2018, you're crazy. Dems have all the mojo now…If every Non-Lefty on the planet doesn't turn out to vote, it's over…

G Seven says:

Pro President Congress Could Shield Trump From Impeachment Attempts – WTF is that supposed to be telling us??? Why not: Pro Constitutionally Minded Congress WILL NOT IMPEACH President Unless There Are ABSOLUTE Truthful Grounds For Such!!! REMOVE ALL REPRESENTATIVES in CONGRESS AND SENATORS ALIKE WHO ARE FOUND TO ACT OUTSIDE THEIR OATH OF OFFICE!!! Case Dismissed.

Frederic M. says:

You should pass knowledge test for voting, not an age test!

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