No Things Considered August 14, 2017

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After Charlottesville, the press ripped into Trump for never condemning white supremacy. We pulled dozens of videos where he does just that!


sheri wilson says:

Teen Vogue, is for SATAN WORSHIPERS only- You PROUD, Vogue?? John OLIVER, the RACIST tool, would STARVE if it weren't for TRUMP- Sounds good…

John Sterling says:

37 people would rather see FAKE NEWS

Jeff Andersen says:

You are a shitbag, go crawl away…

latasha jackson says:

I don't believe Trump has anything to do with any of this. He is not a racist in my eyes. Hes just blunt and that he should be.

Mamwa Gravley says:

I wish there was a "love" button on YouTube. Now if Fox News would just play all these clips. Apparently they have all been watching MSM. All of the commentators have been hating on President Trump all weekend. Ugh!

GlitchEmpire says:

hahah nice brony shirt /)

Werd Ecurb says:

10:10 the guy was wearing a white shirt that read "the kkk endorses trump." Not exactly dressed as a klansman. He did it in protest of trump not as a kkk member in support. Even so, trump just addressed it by condemning political correctness.

KingR3X says:

Nice pony shirt wennie.

The Grinch says:

TRUMP is great why do liberal normies hate him?

Halo Romero says:

I say let them kill eachother, that way we kill two birds with one stone.

Deplorable Colleen says:

That liberal from England needs to go back home. He's disgusting to come here and disrespect our President.

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