Paul Joseph Watson: Time To Rethink #FakeNews On Israel?

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Paul Joseph Watson perhaps you can look at your 2014 Gaza video with new eyes. Hating Israel is for the SJWs.

Background here:

Throughout Brexit and the rise of Trump I watched a lot of videos by Paul Joseph Watson on YouTube that constantly made a lot of good points many of which I agreed with. He’s especially scathing about the kinds of Social Justice Warriors who invariably support BDS against Israel and the “Palestinian cause”.

However, as with everyone else on the web, I don’t agree with everything he’s ever said. But one particular video of Paul’s, from the height of the Gaza war in 2014 called “Israel is only defending itself”, stuck out like a sore thumb. The main problem was that back in 2014 Paul, like many others, was wedded to mostly main stream sources that lie and lie by omission all the time about Israel.

So I made this video for him. I have no idea if he’ll watch, but if he does I hope he understands the tone. 2014 was a long time ago:

media manipulation against Trump and Brexit in the UK hadn’t been easily spotted by so many people;
many people still trusted news sources like BBC, CNN and Sky (and the news wires AP, Reuters etc);
Al Jazeera was awful from the start;
Russia Today has been hugely negative on Israel for years too;
the mass Islamic migration to Europe hadn’t really caught anybody’s attention;
ISIS (merely the latest brand name for relentless jihad) hadn’t arisen;
the consequences of the Syrian civil war and the rest of the Arab Spring weren’t so obvious;
Islamic terrorism on the streets of Europe hadn’t become a weekly occurrence;
Suicide bombs, car jihad, knife jihad, shooting jihad, all familiar to Israelis, were still something that happened only to Israelis because of where we lived.
If you’re a regular here at Israellycool and across the Israel blogosphere, you know how massively manipulated the news about Israel is. The entire phenomenon of “Pallywood” was pointed out over a decade ago and I gave a whole speech based on the deep corruption I saw at Associated Press TV News (APTN) in 2003. You know about the massive amount of Fake News about Israel that gets spread far and wide. You know how much the far-left and people like Linda Sarsour

But many outside of Israel are fed a constant diet of negative news on Israel. Positive stories just don’t show up and context is invariably dropped. That’s the backdrop to why I believe so many people hold negative views on Israel.

Here are some of the important links needed to back this video up:

Richard Landes films “According to Palestinian Sources” is essential. I’ve put definitive copies on YouTube which you can play in the following playlist:

There is a ton of stuff on Concentration Camp Gaza.

I make reference to an appearance I made on i24 News in 2014.

Alex Jones’s little snippet about not hating Israel came out of this clip he released recently.

You can see more about Tommy Robinson’s trip to Israel here and read about it here.

The video above was cut down from something much longer: tell me in the comments if you think the longer version would be interesting too.


serpens8 says:

Yeah, they are converted 🙂 Alex Jones admitted he first did not understand David Horowitz, what did he want with Islam and Islamic danger. But now he seemingly started to understand WTF 🙂 and he seems quite passionate. better later than never 🙂

I.B. says:

I think Paul Joseph Watson is slightly losing ground at the moment. I think he is now starting to over-generalise the left. I think they are conflating people who have left-wing views with the no-brainer SJWs and I don't think that's fair. (like when they put neo-Nazis and 'people who have right wing views' in the same basket). I think if we want to use the term 'the left', we should say Regressive Leftists like Maajid Nawaz does. I think this applies to you too Brain of London. With all that said though, this is an interesting video portraying the other side of the story when the NUS constantly pushes an anti-Israel agenda. They don't even call it Israel, they call it the 'Occupied Homeland' which is quite naïve and disturbing.

עדין חייקין says:

תודה רבה על הסרטון! גם אני ממש התבאסתי כאשר גליתי את הסרטון האנטי ישראלי שלו…

Matthew Watkins says:

May I email Brian and ask you some questions? I'm more interested than anything else.

Eye On Antisemitism Monitoring says:

His hair do changed

p058720235 says:

I view PJW's videos for a long time. In the past year his views are coming closer to mine (especially on the international arena), which is encouraging…..BUT…….and that's a big BUT, I do not understands why are his videos act like a magnet to the worse Israel haters (in best) and such disgusting antisemitism. (Which there is no difference between them!)

GiZmo NiSmo says:

subbed, Didnt realise you had a YT channel, always find your tweets informative and interesting. Having watched this it really stacks up and your points are valid

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