Paul Joseph Watson Zionist Shill Exposed

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That is the Jew question. I don’t, People who are obsessed with Jews controlling the world never seem to present any evidence. I mean, I read the news everyday, I track narratives that the Main Stream Media comes out with. I don’t see a big Jewish influence. I mean, Jewish people aren’t really that present. You don’t really notice them anywhere. I don’t believe in this Jewish conspiracy, because nobody presents any real, credible, hard core evidence that it’s taking place.


Nameless Government says:

Anyone is a Infowars/Paul Watson fan unsubscribe now. Paul Joseph Watson is a Zionist Shill.

Backgammon Player says:

Nazis/Neo-Nazis is a slur and they exist only in Jewllywood. The correct term would be Nasocs (National Socialists).
And no, you shouldn't have any respect for David Duke. He's controlled opposition like Richard Spencer and Matt Heimbach. Duke lies about each and every crisis actor hoax. I'm a German and an NS/Hitler sympathizer. I came to these views after I found out that mostly Jews were behind 9/11. I researched about WW2 and saw that I had been lied to about German history.
Now I was listening to maybe 10 David Duke videos and thought that he made many good points. Then Duke released the video "The Dallas Massacre and the War on Whites". There he claimed that Blacks had shot dead 4 police officers (confirming the official story). Knowing about hoaxes for years I performed a simple google search and found this article: Special Effects and Modified Weapons Expose Dallas Deception.
This article shows, besides other evidence, that Hollywood ammo was used, the kind that creates sparks where it hits. It's used in movies to make a shooting appear more "action". Ok, now I posted this link under Duke's video. After hours not having received a reply, I checked from a 2nd computer and realized that my comment had been deleted. Could it have been a youtube glitch? I reposted but within a few minutes my comment disappeared again. I googled and found out that other people too complained about Duke's censoring. So Duke is a liar and a shutitdownstein. Duke also lied about the Orlando homocaust and the Manchester concert hall bombing by portraying these hoaxes as real terrorism.
I get that BLM is sponsored by (((Soros))) and that most Whites incl. myself are against millions of immigrants but I'm not a liar. Knowingly blaming shootings and terrorism on any other group who didn't do it, is a giant crime.

Adrian Chetwynd says:

I subscribed to your channel quite a while ago (and most probably remotely via your header in response to a previous good comment you had made on a different channel). So being as I do not know you, are you aware that the Muslims are not what the (((MSM))) make them out to be and that it is very rare for them to commit (((terrorism))) unless they are wahhabi Muslims?

Adrian Chetwynd says:

Is PJW the voice over for the "Mark Collet" videos? e.g.

They both sound exactly the same to me, so what do you think?

Ageof Craccadillia says:…/status/894744428270632960

US Congress flirting with legislation to criminalize #BDS against Israel. Report these scumbag UN #Globalist #Money Resource drug junkies group to tweeter Report Globalist UN P of Shit money /resource murdering junkies groups' account to tweeter

Admirality Maritime law


Report Tweeter account to Tweeter #BDS Report this Welfared filthy scumbag Zionist lobby group's Tweeter account to tweeter. Be Creative

Report this lying terrorist scumbags' twitter account to twitter. Be creative

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Report the #Rogue #CIA #terroristfinancing #Drug #Traffiking #Fake #News staged event Hoaxer agency twitter account to Twitter
Oliver Lundquist: architect, industrial designer, & #OSS officer.
Led team that designed official @UN emblem. Report the CIA twiiter account to twitter be creative

Hyundai Motor is set to cooperate with Israeli-based technology company Mobileye in developing a driverless car.

The country's top automaker said Monday that Vice Chairman Chung Eui-sun visited Israel in May to discuss a partnership for developing a self-driving vehicle with his counterparts at the global No. 1 maker of advanced driver assistance systems modules.

The Israel-China love affair is taking a new step. On Wednesday, the first Israeli innovation accelerator program landed in China. With support from the Israeli Ministry of Economy, the Israel Global Accelerator Program signed an agreement with Day Day Up, a Beijing-based co-working space company and international business platform, and Shengjing Group, China’s largest management consulting, training, and investment advisory firm serving SMEs.

“This program was started in order and help Israeli startups coming to China,” Day Day Up co-founder Jerome Scola told TechNode. The aim is to introduce Israeli companies to the Chinese market and help them find contracts and investments, he added. The accelerator program will last six months and bring 10 in promising startups from Israel to China.

Non Mirage Truth Vision says:

You do know there are Jewish people who oppose zionism right?

Non Mirage Truth Vision says:

Israel was involved in 9/11. Alex Jones and Paul Watson are not aloud to talk about it, they're forbidden by their zionist masters.

MrRenegade1974 says:

Paul Joseph Watson also fake pictures to claim that a hoax was real. He also work with Alex Jones, like Lisa Haven.

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