Police Ordered to STAND-DOWN In Charlottesville, Paid Protesters Exposed

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Kathy Richardson says:

Caught! Bloody-handed! Don't cha know this has got to be embarrassing. Lordy, send the mayor a case of Depends…he gotta be apissin' in his pants.

No Future 68 says:

Glad im not the only one that saw the police flee when blm , Antifa came crashing in!

DIRTYBOB59 says:

Hmmmmmmmm, just like when "they" stood down during the 9/11 attacks – the hook-nosed ba$tard$ have their fingerprints all over this – "By DECEPTION they shall make war…" (REMEMBER THE U.S.S. LIBERTY!…)

daptjp77 says:

The ACLU and Southern Poverty Law Center are the legal bull dogs for the Left-Socialist-Anarchist,who are paid by the likes of George Soros,and they use the money from litigation with the opposition,the Christians and the European Peoples in America!

susan Coonfield says:

The mayor and governor tried to get the program moved out of the city but the Aclu suit the city!

Excluded Artists says:

As regards to BLM in the UK, they did a demonstration at one of Britain's airports. Guess what non of them were even brown let alone black. Look for the image here. edition.cnn.com/2016/09/06/europe/uk-london-airport-blm-protest/index.html

Isabel S says:

Was Unite the Right infltrated? Do you have pictures of Jason Kessler in Occupy? "‘Unite the Right’ Organizer Jason Kessler Was Obama Supporter Involved With Occupy Movement", zero hedge.

capitalism420 says:

3:39 do you have proof white nationalists were being paid to go?

OneZombieKiller says:

I hope anyone hurt sue's the hell out of Charlottesville , make them pay for not doing there jobs !

Ed Jenkins says:


Mike says:

Ah… poor little baby. You weak, cowardly snowflake little trumpista bigots are just so fucking stupid. You can't handle the truth, can you. You are a liar and a filthy bigot. You are not good enough to lick the dirt from the bottom of decent Americans.

The reason so many people turn out is because this is America, you no-good nazi, racist piece of subhuman shit, and Americans hate you. You are not one of us. You do not deserve to be an American. I know. you think that you are as good as the rest of us, but you aren't. You are part of a tiny, loudmouthed minority that is thankfully dying out.

All those black people you hate so much? Better than you in every way.

You know all us liberals you hate and resent? Better than you in every way.

All the homoseuxals I bet you hate? You aren't good enough to get on your shit stained knees and kiss their feet.

I bet you are one of those right wing fascist fucks who whines about your jobs being taken? Well, you commie fuck, why should anyone pay you more then another guy for more work? Maybe if you got your sorry ass up off the couch to pick up your check every month, maybe you could get a job too.

So, you fucking loser, you fuckinjg liar, you fucking bigot, you fucking hateful asshole, you weak cuck snowflake, you moronic follower, you goddamned hateful idiot, do us all a favor and die soon and in pain.

Johnny Ravo says:

Court ordered protest? ! Fuck that….doesn't anyone know about the constitution? Maybe they just don't Deserve to be protected by it! Fuck it! I give up! Idiots!

Julian Valenti says:

Technically the cops are assisting antifa.

Salida Yasharahla says:

Same thing happened in Baltimore.. remember the major

matt f says:

George Soros probably slipped the Mayor or Police Chief a million in cash to stand down.

DownWithAntiwhites says:

Right: "They are trying to divide and conquer us"
Left: "He will not divide us!"

You guys sound like Hillary. The country is divided. Stop trying to avoid that division just because you are too much of a coward to choose a side.

We march to stop white genocide. The other side marches to support white genocide.

Carole Davis says:

Investigate the mayor and chief of police.

They should be arrested for manslaughter.

Mayor is a damned coward – whining to the msm on how it's Trumps fault.

Soros is funding and scripting both Antifa and Unite the Right.

He used one group to attack the other group so his political minions could turn around and blame Trump.

That girl died for no other reason.

You twits who think it's cool to make $35 bucks to act out – bear in mind that your life could be in danger… because Soros doesn't care one jot for you.

Peter Zajac says:

Swastikas have no right to assemble, White people do, its open bounty on Swastikas!

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