President Trump addresses Charlottesville, bashes ANTIFA and Neo-Nazis, talks Bannon 8/15/17

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President Trump addresses Charlottesville, bashes ANTIFA and Neo-Nazis, talks Bannon 8/15/17


J S says:

Trump will say anything. He is a fake president.

Ghenghy says:

Thank you Mr. President, time to declare Antifa and BLM terrorist organizations. Launch the investigation, and keep reminding that waste of flesh Sessions to do his damn job.

Vicious Creep says:

"Are you prepared to denounce the peaceful people among the left wing protestors?" and other questions you'll never hear from the press corps.

Quint Bromley says:

Neo-nazis and Antifa are both fruits from the same fascist tree. Trump is absolutely correct in his analysis. Left wing media is so utterly corrupt and delusional in their bias that Don Lemon was reduced to defending Antifa today. A CNN reporter coming to the aid of an openly violent, anti-free speech, cloak and dagger operation.

"It's the end of the world as we know it…and I feel fine."

Elizabeth Hyde says:

What a man after my own heart! <3 That crowd kept rudely interupting him and he put them in their place! I am so proud to have voted for him! 🙂

1981ledzep says:

The media is unbelievable impolite.

ho2cultcha says:

impeach this monster NOW!

kenshin891 says:

"I don't want to rush into a statement!"

Rush in



Chris Musix says:

Beat them President Trump with the Hammer of your Words!

dd1781 says:

Actually, today, AntiFa is MUCH worse than so-called "neo-Nazis".

I.C.E Agent MAN says:

Hell yes President Trump love u buddy

BabeOfBlasphemy says:

He cares about saying things correctly, thats why he ran around for years saying obama wasnt born in america LOL

Tedford Hyde says:

Great to see and hear President Trump put these twit reporters in their place. Their panties will be in wads for a year! They are truly the real haters along with the rest of the Leftist anti-Christ, anti-Christian, anti-White, anti-American, Totalitarian/Marxist demonic dirtbags.

chunksofstuff says:

WOW who didnt know David Duke was there!

chunksofstuff says:

he makes statements all the time without facts! lol

Shekel Shekelstein says:

god emperor trump

Tom Irwin says:

WE have a GREAT PRESIDENT and we have TRASH REPORTERS WANTING TO TELL LIES. Wonderful job handling those NEWS apes Mr. President!!!

mememojo says:

The fake news people have a little earth worm in their heads controlling them lol they're so dumb

jimrbsn says:

OMG…. AN Honest President…. the Horror!

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