President Trump BASHING the Press on Coverage of Charlottesville 8/15/17

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President Trump BASHING the Press on Coverage of Charlottesville 8/15/17


Andrew S says:

It's official… the left-wing has finally totally lost their mind… now is the time to stand up and be counted, American patriots!!

Libin Shi says:

We have one of the best U S presidents right now. Thank God, we have Trump!!!

Anna Bouler says:

I'm so embarrassed by Acosta.

Spacecoastz says:

The ult-left is the most dangerous movement in the United States…and most of the media are ult-left individuals. When President Trump was campaigning, the ult-left were the ones responsible in prohibiting him from coming into heavy democrat areas and holding political rallies. They disrupted, they spat, they threw objects, they attacked, they beat-up individuals, they vandalized cars…and that is far worse than what anyone on the right has done. Thank God we have an honest President. The People of this country have become so stupid it will take the hand of God to turn us around. I think President Trump is the beginning of this effort. Pray for him…and for our country.

charles martel -PACK says:

Ha ha ANTIFA…screw you anti-white racist press!!
You anti-white racist bigots!
It's the current year…..2017 for gods sake. How can we have so much ANTIFA racist hate in this country?
We will overcome!

dd1781 says:

Mnuchin's and Chao's faces didn't change expression the entire time. LOL

Dabig Ragu says:

President Trump knocked it out of the park…again.

Jian Helen Yang says:

A balanced view. Proud that I made the right decision to have voted for President Trump.

WAYNE O says:

They also had Soros Demo-Nazi's, enemies of America!

Chris Xavier says:

Trump telling it like it is!

Adrián says:

History is done. You can't change history, what left other generations becomes national historical heritage. Should the French demolish the palace of Versailles because it was built by an absolute monarch who ruled over a aristocratic society? Complete nonsense, bigotry and madness! Those who want to do that, how exactly do they differ from the Taliban?

Cricket Miller says:

On nbc's youtube page they have disabled comments. What better way to stifle true debate.

truth speak says:

Don't you just love how these lying, left wing, hacks, for the Democrat party pretend not to know who Antifa is. "What people in the black mask?" Ask the reporter. You know, those far left extremist that the media supports by constantly sweeping their crimes under the rug and blaming their victims for the pandemonium that they always cause. Ya those people, dont pretend that you don't know who we are taking about msm, come on now. We all know that you guys loooove Antifa.

JD plus says:

I love this President, he is the best one we have ever had!!!!!!!

truth speak says:

Thank you Donald, this needs to be said. Thank you so much. I love you again.

Otter Woodman says:

Thank you Trump. This is the Man I voted for

Jen Peace says:

There were White and black slaves ppl. We are never getting forward if ppl erase history. Who sold the white man the slaves?? The black man.

dog the dog says:

The first slave owner in america was a black man and his slave was a black man . The confederate army had hundreds of blacks in their ranks . many blacks that didn't have plantations had black slaves African chiefs sold off their slaves to the europeans

0000 0000 says:

we have a nazi president


Thats my President

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