President Trump Holds Press Conference Following National Security Briefing on North Korea 8/11/17

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President Trump Holds Press Conference Following National Security Briefing on North Korea


Ken Rasmusson says:

We are with you. It is nice to have a President with common sense!

sparkle bucket says:


TheASTrader says:

He's so much better outside of DC, speaking for himself, on his own terms. He should consider just abandoning the DC swamp permanently and setting up a new America HQ there.

Elizabeth Masc says:

I love President Trump! Drain the swamp and MAGA!

RaisedontheRadio says:

A Real Leader.

Simon Zhao says:

The questions are surprisingly reasonable. and it's not looking good for NK and Venezuela

Galactic Warrior says:

Warmongering to heighten fear of the people so they can make their money (war, the Deep State funds, is their biggest Cash Cow) also if makes it easier to implement anti-constitutional laws in a minutes time! One by one our freedoms are stolen by these purposeful tactics

docbar says:

Great job President Trump!

Steve W says:

It is refreshing to see a president that you know is actually trying to help America and its civilians for a change

NOBODY Beats The 9/11 Perps says:

Trump has sold out. North Korea isn't a threat to anyone. This reminds me of the lead up to the Iraq War.

Jay cvu says:

I have a good solution. Just threatened to let Japan and South Korea to start nuclear programs, you will see China make North Korea disappear of the map in a matter of seconds.
Last thing China wants is a nuclear Japan and South Korea.. .

Connie E says:

love my President Trump

reno 87 says:

i love him.

Alt Right Knight says:

Thermal Nukes with low yield is the way to go. Neutron radiation has a half life of a quarter of a hour, with in 24 hours it's neutralized.

John Summers says:

PROPAGANDA…all of it

Young World says:

Wow he just called Kim out by his full name and dared him to say something crazy! Our president is the best!

Brandy Ann says:

Who fkn cares what Putin thinks it if he pulls people

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