Stuck cargo ship in hot water- BBC News

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Fiery Mustang says:

hey there's over ambition !!! stuck deep !!

Heya Xoxo says:

Well that's actually a good thing!

Brian Garrow says:

Don't they have a local pilot service? Ships aren't allowed in American or Canadian Pacific Coast ports without using a local pilot to steer clear of obstructions. You can't bring a container ship into Seattle, Vancouver, Grays Harbor, Portland, Oakland or Long Beach without a pilot.

Nick Breen says:

That was American mud, great mud, just ask anybody, its great mud, it really is.

ASMR says:

Sad thing is that English people get fined £1000 if they refuse to pay towards this crap journalism.

Just Meme says:

Wait, are you saying this isn't trumps fault? Are you sure BBC?

Keisham Cw says:

china got stuck


Maybe they made cut backs and decided not to dredge the river as often

Davises P says:

Made in China

Akbar Khan says:

Wow…so huge ship

Venky Jaa says:

world oldest language is Tamil

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