Things Not To Say To Someone Who Voted Remain

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“Brexit means Brexit.” “You lost.” “Stop being a remoaner.”

If you voted to remain in the EU, you’ve probably heard a fair few of these… But whichever way you voted last June, you’re probably sick of being labelled because of which box you placed your X in.

Vote the other way? Watch Things Not To Say To Someone Who Voted Brexit

These videos are the last in the current series. New episodes of Things Not to Say will be available in the Autumn. In the meantime, watch previous episodes at

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MAD SiNDAKiT says:

When will the Exit voters video go up ?

Sven Niles says:

The fact the sentences "I like beuracrates and the nation shouldn't have been allowed to speak" highlights this entire movement

cary bary says:

Tough.they can swallow it and like it

GRPage says:

Things not to say to someone with streach marka

Hayley Longster says:

I do love the guy who said 'smooooooooth' Brexit tho

Luke says:

If the BBC can stop telling me what I can't say to various different people, that would be great thank you

Detonator says:

Wow, these people really do hate themselves. One of them even called themselves a weirdo. Totally sums up their hateful, disgusting, uneducated attitudes. Typical.

Darren Bywater says:

3:16 – sums up the left, really

Darren Bywater says:

Brexit made me so, so happy. Trump also makes me happy, but Brexit's even better

Jimmy Myers says:

We need the Gravy Train for our failed MPs !! We need an EU Army to attack Russia !! We don't want our own Fish !! Fuck the British Fishermen !! Tony Blair is Right !! Long Live the One World Order !!

J Rome says:

Donald Trump

WhipLickingScientist says:

Why did we even have to vote on this? Brexit broke Britain. Scotland wants to leave the UK, Northern Ireland wants to join Ireland and London wants be independent. How can a city become independent so it can join a union? I wish I could vote. I am an American teenager and I would want to move to London. Those who voted leave weren't thinking at all.

Crep Collect says:

Love the like/dislike ratio on this video compared to the other

charlottle says:

I love all of these people

VillaPrepared says:

We voted brexit so you need to accept that and get behind the country. Anybody would think remainers would want the country to fail the way they have acted sine we voted to leave.

ChubaAkpom says:

What the fuck Is this!! acting like they're a minority

Debbie ILLAHI says:

I guess I was more proud to be European than British. I feel the latter is not as progressive. I feel close collaboration with our neighbours was a good thing. I hate the way the Referendum has divided the country, friends and families. I think the whole thing came about because Cameron gambled with our beautiful country's future to appease the Conservative Leavers camp and it had nothing to do with what the electorate wanted.

YouTubeDebateChampion2017 says:

It's a generation gap in Britain. Mummy n dad da why you destroy future by voting brexit! well mumsy pumsy I will destroy my own future if you don't mind and vote for Saint Jeremy! oucccchh Jeremy corbyn so cool with de kidz mmumsy!! MUMmSY!!

YouTubeDebateChampion2017 says:

Brexit destroyed the pound they cried and then vote for Corbyn…

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