Trump defends Saturday statement on Charlottesville

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President says he wanted the facts, rather than make a quick statement


spencerchef says:

Spineless fuck, if you can't say Nazis are bad what can you fight against

a hole says:

Trump is the greatest president we've ever had

Patrick DeMent says:

Caution..Selective indignation for one hate group is to support another..BOTH sides came to #Charlottesville to meet in the gutter.!

BOTH sides came armed for war..(helmets..body armor..clubs..shields..mace..swastikas.&.soviet flags)..

Both sides beat & clubbed each other..

BOTH sides used our public streets to make war..(a battlefield)..while authorities stood aside and let it run out of control..

BOTH sides are the collective EXTREME, the hateful despicable, violent minority that always burn, kill, maim and destroy..

BOTH sides..!

It is our unfortunate duty to assure that all these EXTREMISTS may PEACEFULLY assemble..In this duty, #Charlottesville failed THIS time.

Terncote says:

What a fucking shit. He'll shoot from the hip and LIE like a FUCKING SNAKE at the drop of a MAGA hat but all of a sudden he needs days to review the "facts".

Here's a fact, Donald. NAZIS bad. Can you get that right you fucking degenerate?

James Madison says:

Washington & Jefferson did NOT BETRAY their country.
When did AntiFacist or BLM drive thru a crowd of people? NEVER
When did AntiFacist or BLM walk down a street & shoot people because of race NEVER
When did AntiFacist or BLM shoot up a church full of nazis NEVER
Amer-Nazis & gang trash did ALL of these things
Is there a reason you cannot give us an example of similar acts by AntiFacist or BLM?

Yvan Herrera says:

The Dark cabal wants a civil war in the U.S. we respond with peace.
George Soros funds both sides
This to keep Trump distracted from doing his presidential job which is to free America

irealizenowihavenotalent says:

Who would have thought while american troops fight terrorists abroad, they have a homegrown terrorist supporter in the white house

Tori Hamilton says:

The more he opens thst vile piehole the more he reveals that he's nothing but a POS never POTUS!

Dragon Hunters Society says:

Facts before half-assery and the media cries but what facts there over rated. A BS Narrative there doing/saying whatever while no one but Trump and a majority of reasonable ppl are calling them out to get the facts right yet there bias news casting wont let them see the facts this has gotta stop. FoxNews was also bias using racial hysteria to confuse the info your getting with the facts that happened. Both sides were wrong Antifa and other anti-Republican, extremist leftists, Domestic terror groups were also there to stir up trouble I'm not republican/racist/whatever today's flavor of the day is for whom and what to call people. Hate is still hate no matter whom is slinging it.

afrose71 says:

Denouncing Neo-Nazism is the simplest thing to do — and it still took him two whole days (and a modified statement) to do it. Even the white supremacists are thanking Drumpf for not calling them out over the weekend. Our national embarrassment has reached new depths. Just how much lower can this administration of idiots go?

ahmad munir says:

hearing trump say he likes to here the fact like where!!!!!!!!!!

AG meiss says:

I thought President Trump first speech was the right tone. unlike past presidents who would do the knee jerk reaction to get a plus in rating and push an agenda. President Trump is correct both sides are wrong, just like the saying…you need two to tango. I wish the media will get it…all they want to do is bash the president because he is showing what a leader is and not an imposter looking for likes.

mike b says:

Give him enough rope & he will hang himself.

RB Forex Trader says:

Foolish liberal media. Like talking to children. Will someone start a new media company with conservative values and rational thought. Please.

JR Hal says:

Btw….Fox news subscribers = 666K.? Really?

Lisa Mastrangelo says:

Support and respect for President Trump from Canada !

S S says:

“Haters and bullies are always cowards, you know. They like to pick on little guys.”
― Scylar Tyberius, Sebastian the Great

Lisa Mastrangelo says:

President Trump is not racist ! The left protestors were a setup by paid groups to make Trump look bad ! This is such BS !

Mike Rotus says:

Our grandfathers fought against the Nazis in WW2!
How do we even have Neo-Nazis and people who sympathize with the Nazis?

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