Trump Denounces “Alt-Left” Antifa for Starting Violence in Charlottesville

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President Trump called out the Alt-Left agitators for their part in the violence in Charlottesville last weekend, saying both sides are responsible for causing the chaos, in a fiery press conference today where he didn’t take any crap from the fake news industrial complex. Subscribe now for more videos every day, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Mark Dice says:

Great job standing up to the fake news industrial complex, Mr. President! Subscribe to my channel if you're new here for great videos every day.

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Mattington says:

I just love this guy!!

pauline samson says:

I think president trump is doing his best for the country and the media is continuing to tare him and it down ! I like the way he handles them , he calls them what they are and they should be ashamed of themselves !!!

Karan Patel says:

One reporter asks: "why do nazis like you?" I didn't know the German workers party was still around. My whole life has been a lie.

Carl Dixon says:

Great response to the press!!!!! Trump was firm and accurate.

theother211 says:

Poor Trump has to run the country and teach the media how to report facts and do there job

Homo Sapiens says:

The Whole WORLD now knows the FACE of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA in America!! GOOD JOB PRESIDENT TRUMP!!

Yannish PoeHough says:

How can you NOT like this Guy??!! Way to go Donald!

Jack Handy says:

naggers dont want jobs

graham peters says:

I freaken love this president!!!!! Finally someone that sees the shit is caused by the racist left.

graham peters says:

I freaken love this president!!!!! Finally someone that sees the shit is caused by the racist left.

John Doe says:

trump will not fit their narrative…

Neal Kaye says:

When does the left start burning books?

Matt Thatsme says:

THIS MAN certainly has xray BULLSHIT vision!

Allen Vines says:

What are we going to do as Americans……The Media will not denounce the Alt left, ANTIFA, BLM and The black panther……..this is an all out war on white people with Christian values……I denounce all groups that cause violence and bodly harm to Americans…..If we keep looking the other way, they will take our values

Cole Lutz says:

How many time does Trump need to repeat himself? Jesus Christ, these reporters have thick skulls.

nolo king says:

Holy shit, Trump is being completely rational and the press is trying so desperately to spin it each time
Absolutely despicable, lawls!

Denise Smith says:

Absolutely disgusting how disrespectful these so-called "journalists" are towards the President of The United States…. They need to be banned from all press conferences until they can demonstrate they have learned some manners.

Chicken Dinner says:

Its a great pivot from the fake Russia narrative. We should all really push the left on why Russia collusion (failed fake news) is not a story anymore if it was worth covering so much in the past few months. Don't let them just pass to another big topic. Hold them accountable. Also lets not forget about Debbie Wasserman and the Awan Brothers! we are always being distracted

Pat S says:

I love my brother and Donald Trump! God Bless them both.

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