Trump Disavows Racists Over and Over Again – While Media Says Exactly the Opposite

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Watch Donald Trump disavow David Duke, the KKK and all racists, over and over again, dating back 17 years, while the liberal media keeps denying he did, and insists he must be a racist himself. Subscribe now for more videos every day, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Mark Dice says:

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Master Zyrel says:

You know, imagine if all these big and powerful news companies put all that money that they're using to lie about Donald Trump to a charity?
The world would be a much, much better place.

A.B.59 says:

White Nationalist ? is a white Nationalist a skinhead Now ? Notice the smooth way she did that suttley worked in the words white Nationalist in the place of White Supremacist . I wonder how many snowflakes now believe that they are both the same thing because MSNBC said so . This is the ways brainwashing the believers works , those few that remain Demoncrap liberals anyway.

RenegadeWade says:

Mark, can you make a Bitcoin Address so people can donate that way?

Sheyandaar says:

When are these liberal lunatics gonna run outta straws to grasp?!

Blayne1973 says:

Fuck MSM, fuck CNN, fuck the left and fuck YouTube for their constant changed to everything!

Bryant Whittaker says:

Washington owned slaves! Time to get rid of the dollar and quarter!

there's a fly in my Baba Ganouj ! says:

I defecate on MSM, Hollywood, George Soros and the Illuminati.

Clay Markovich says:

How does anyone believe the mainstream propaganda campaign

Dena Walters says:

Disavow blm an anti fa too

Rani L says:

You are are saying Trump was racist before age 5 ?

KATHY T. says:

Thanks Mark. Nice compilation. Hopefully President Trump can just RT this whenever they question him about his racism. Well done!

Justin Carty says:

Omg! How the press wants to manipulate the topic! Disgusting!

trump cuck says:

Who the hell wants to pay this nazi lover Money?

The Great Western Trendkill says:

this is sad. end leftists

Martin Feroli says:

President Trump handled Fat Boy and made him back down by being Bold, Honest and Direct. America is in good hands, after all Pussy O dumbo would have embolden N.K to attack us. We owe the President a debt of gratitude for helping us avoid a war.
I guess the media missed that one.

x420xavier says:

And did Clinton say anything about the people protesting on her behalf?

bostonwhofan says:

Wonder if the liberals and the liberal media realize how massively their democrat candidate for President in 2020 is going to get SHELLACKED? Wonder if they realize how brutal the payback is going to be the next time they do manage to get a Democrat elected as POTUS?



trump cuck says:

Most Trump supporters are rapist and drug dealers.

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