Trump further complicates Charlottesville response

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The ‘Special Report’ All-Star panel weighs in


spencerchef says:

Republicans are faggots, if you don't like the news it's fake news. What babies you guys are

Uniblonder says:

I'd rather have the damn truth than a calming lie. I'm sick of the MSM bullshit stoking the fire with bullshit.

Aldo Alfaro says:

Missing the point… real Republicans are of the opinion of Charles. Period. Many conservative Anglos now are or racists/trumpists… all ignorant fanatics.

Kimmy says:

Just don't won't to hear the truth! Fox sucks!!!!!!!!!!

Dave Clements says:


Good News says:

What Trump said needed to be said!

jon2bec2 says:

Laura straightened the Kraut out. Laura sees the truth. The Kraut hates Trump. Poor basterd.

Alejandro Herrero says:

krauthammer is admirably independent in times of great polarization. Hope more people from the left and right dare more often to question the position of their parties.

Jackie Freeborn says:

You didn't want to be called deplorable, so you elected a completely deplorable man to represent you? You cut off your nose to spite someone else's face.

Jackie Freeborn says:

Wow. This has some conservative snowflakes livid huh. You knew what you voted for. He's the same guy. You don't get to act surprised.

And remember. He represents all of you now.

Matt Hobbie says:

I think Trump handled himself correctly. I understand Laura's probable fear that the Press will just use this and spin with it, but I for one am damn tired of what the mainstream media has to say anyway. And I don't think I'm alone.

spideystyle79 says:

Laura nailed it!!! Great job

red watch says:

Kraut dropped the hammer on hate. Way to go Charles.

GhysahlGreens says:

Erasing history by taking down historical monuments, intimidating or beating others who share different views, censorship, anti-Western doctrines, all-out violence: it's almost like a Bolshevik's or ISIS-member's wet dream.

WISEASS 10000 says:

it'll stop once we get you out of office rump

Bryan Lowther says:

Laura..Well said .

Joyce S. says:

I LOVE that Trump spoke the truth!

Charles…you're a pompous ass sometimes and tonight you're all wrong!

Bri Guy says:

Hahaha whites so afraid to say anything against minority groups in fear of backlash hAHAHA WEAK

Viganch0 says:

Good job, Trump! I'm European and I've seen what happens when you appease the leftist globalist media: they want more and more. Here you're a Nazi if you don't want your country to become a third world African or Arab country. America, Trump and Bannon is your last hope.

Alvin Choo says:

Every breath Charles takes seemed to be his last.

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