Trump, media spar over his response to Charlottesville

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The president defended his initial comments and reiterated his belief that there is plenty of blame to go around on both sides; Kevin Corke has the roundup for ‘Special Report’


Sharm Nagrume says:

Keep preechin teh trooth presbent trump im luv u from alway faek libturd news say for bad things won't u but we now that yew ar real man not scaired to do wuts right and good for reel Americans!! GOD BLESS ARE PRESIDENT!!

Dreamwell says:

Unbelievable – he's digging himself a deeper hole.

Kyle Hale says:

We're with you, Mr. President. Thank you for telling the truth. Thank you for saving our country.

Christopher R says:

fake liberal news media deserve what they got from Trump. these guys are biased against Trump from beginning. i am still LOL watching these liberal news clowns laughing at Trump he will never elected.

Tammy H says:

GOD BLESS OUR PRESIDENT he is for truth and the people are sick of FAKE NEWS…. You tell em President Trump Thank you for truth!

Sam Bivins says:

What he's failing to acknowledge is that most of these confederate statues were erected decades AFTER the civil war in an attempt to rewrite history; if we really cared about 'honoring history' we would take them all down. Totally different from the Washington Monument, not sure why he brought that into it. Also why won't he say that the Nazi march was despicable? Does he know that in WWII we fought the Nazis?

Rick Rucksack says:

He didn't further complicate his message. He really thinks that Americans are supposed to respect Nazis. Fuck the 300,000 American soldiers that died fighting Nazis throughout Europe.

Robert Hudson says:

How many Russians live in Trump Tower? How many Russians own apartments in Trump Tower? If Mara Lago is the Winter White House then that makes Trump Tower the Western Kremlin. Comrade.

Murcia Rico says:

Mexican organise crime
drug dealers
White supremacist
Black what ever
gob swam

evil people
HATE people

What you want from the President ?
you media STOP NOW you sick people with a microphone

Robert Hudson says:

The president of the United States of America is a Nazi. The press cannot handle that. He isn't just a racist. He isn't just the king of the birthers. Trump is a Nazi. He has always been a Nazi and always will be a Nazi. A bitter billionaire birther sauerkraut who can never have enough. He's old. He's bored. He's tired. Let it Golf.

WISEASS 10000 says:

So your twitter statements are well thought out? someone hacked my account. nice try nazis

Freedom Johnson says:

Dear Mr President, as an American citizen, a registered voter since the age of 19, and a veteran, I give you permission to FUCK THEM UP!!! (biased scum media) ….Sincerely, Former Independent/Democrat

Alpha1 Omega2 says:

President Trump you are SPOT ON. What's next, the removal of George Washington, Lincoln, Franklin and others from our currency because they had slaves?
I'm quite tired of these violent minority groups getting their way through or corrupt court system.
I as a Christian now demand justice. Remove ALL rainbow flags from the USA, restricting any homosexual parades from the streets of the USA. Remove all Martin Luther King Street signs from the USA. There are people who are offended by that as well.
The USA is falling apart rapidly at the seams. These violent white people are no better than the violent black people during Ferguson riots and Charlotte NC riots. They are no better than the Dallas police killer or the Baton Rouge police killer. You are all nothing more than thugs, out destroying harmless American culture history.

Gary Biggs says:

The truth! The media can't handle the truth.

dirty liberal says:

66six thousand makes sense with fox now a days.

David Merrill says:

one at a time they're eliminating his staff 'from him they're further distancing any contact with people that are close to him. when they are all gone they will get rid of him' wake up people ! before it's too late. either stand up for the president or swallow the shit' that the left is going to feed you when he's gone ' then reap your destiny.

Sue Sally says:

Thank you president thank you thank you thank you !

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