Trump too tough on North Korea? – BBC News

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We ask South Koreans what they think about Donald Trump’s strategy on North Korea.
Both President Trump and Pyongyang have used hostile rhetoric, with Mr Trump threatening “fire and fury” on the North.

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Jason F. says:

Knew all along those zipper heads would back down. Gutless fucks.

Mark W. says:

Who cares what those losers think?

Clark Kent says:

Kill kim. Kill kim. Kill kim.


need i remind you BBC the NK have three generational death camps. yeah sure trump is a wienie but hes preferential alternative to… oh i don't know…maybe starvation

Dardania Posts says:

One thing is for sure fat fuck will think twice before threatening anyone else now

Codi Bluezony says:

Trump is like Kim. He is selfish and doesn't care about LGBT

clive Lee says:

We was also to tough on Hitler

Clyde Baron says:

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Bobler says:

Trump is a legend lol

현석채 says:

Well we South Koreans are very worried that due to the pressure that Mr. Donald Trump is giving to North Korea, they might start war and even influence us

alex says:

the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Jesse Davis says:

Duh. It's all bullshit as usual. North Korea has less than 20 nukes. With a range that couldn't even hit Japan.

America on the other hand has about 7,000 nukes ready to go that can travel anywhere on the planet pretty much.

Donald Trump is full of bullshit just like George W. Bush. Lies lies lies lies.

I'm not really concerned though. Donald Trump is on his way out. I'm gonna take my kids to watch him hang. Let them throw shoes at his fascist ass.

Sukk Nikka Dikk 4 Free man says:

South Koreans feel more safer with Trump triggering WW3, lmao

pinky pony says:

North Korea starves and imprisons its own people….Kim had several of his relatives murdered…….North Korea has been threatening America for nearly 70 years……and now they want nukes…?…….forget that… or later…..winter is coming.

didi oi says:

north korea

Richard Gerischer says:

Translator you lazy britts! If I wanted to read the news I wouldnt be on youtube! Slackers.

C Steven Diez says:

let's say if we do invade North Korea and we took down their dictatorship what is the cost mass immigration of North Koreans to South Korea and put a strain on the countries public health care costs and welfare programs and yes I know some of you were going to say there are people being worked to death in labor camps and on the other side I feel that corporate America is just watching to see what happens because when we invade and take them down we're going to have KFC up in there we have McDonald's up in their Coca-Cola and even the first Hilton and will make the 1% even richer.

Towelie says:

FUUUUCK YOU. The BBC has lost all integrity.

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