Trump VS The MSM

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Watch Donald Trump disavow David Duke, the KKK and ALL racists, over and over again, dating back 17 years, while the establishment liberal media keeps denying it, and insists he must be a racist himself.

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Time Traveller says:

Remember everyone it's not all white people, the KKK is an ideology of peace.

RasslinRedbird says:

There was a time when the MSM attempted to be subtle about its liberal bias. They're not even trying to hide it anymore.

TheFailLord72 says:

2 days = two scoops. These people have nothing better to do than complain and point fingures.

Ken Wood says:

Respect for the black sherriff

Barry Lang says:

CNN spews hate all day long. Its getting worse everyday. They should be shut down, They are dividing the Country

Eli chilbert says:

This is hard to watch

Pamela Remme says:

Soros pays agitators on BOTH sides. This has been going on for 500 years with all of our wars. Globalists fund BOTH sides. They make trillions of dollars on our blood and wars.

3D4Ureel says:

I took brain force and now my iq went from 0 to -100 now I got all what it takes to be a white supremacist

eyextraction says:

white supremacists are not a problem people, their probably responsible for .00000000001% of crime in america

good job LIBTARDS, you provoked this, so now you can keep playing your VICTIM CARD

Travis Mills says:

Go Trump Go

Sara Morano says:

That fake news shit really pisses me off man.

Jimmy Firecracker says:

Does Jimmy firecracker need to go to the fake news and SLAP THIER LYING JAWLINES

Shayla V says:

MSM is SO DANGEROUS! Now people are thinking that getting the jist of the news through MSM is effective enough! Here are some of their thoughts:
1. "all reporters lie and have an agenda."

2. Fake news vs. REAL news! They STILL have it backwards! OR am I really this stupid?

Baby Blasto the Hanar says:

Jimmy Fallon is a drunkard.ANTIFA marched violently into town.Trump spoke sincerely.They are just mad because he held the left responsible for their violent,deceptive, illegal wrong doings.That's like that Reed Trick getting mad at Bran because he said"thank You"before she split.

Hello says:

Late Night echo chamber!

Truman Kingmaker says:

Antifa has been training in martial arts & military combat for like a year now. They're professional terrorists & agitators working for George Soros, yet the FAKE media has had a total blackout about them the entire dam time.

Niccole Duquette says:

Acosta is under MK Mind Control. That's why he keeps interrupting.

ferrum draconem says:

Seeing these comments on MSM just reaffirms how big of scumbags these reports really are.

Digital Mojo says:

I wish someone would burn CNN to the fucking ground.

John Spence says:

We need to go to CNN msm and other news websites and demand the truth

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