Unf*ck yourself from chocolate and sugar addiction with my new book #Recovery

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Pre-order my new book “Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions” here amzn.to/2vWIrsU or by going to www.russellbrand.com/recovery/


joe mazmo says:

He can be annoying but I do love him.

William Blessing says:

Jokes on you Russell! Just watching this video helped me cut my addiction. Sucker!!!

Johnny Blaze says:

Addictions are a choice not a disease. People don't choose to become hopelessly addicted but making bad decisions every day will inevitably lead to negative consequences.

#California Growers says:

Self-control.. people you don't need to purchase a book to learn how to cope with addiction/temptations, all that does is line his pockets with mullah crafty cockney.

jill hollon says:

Add meat, dairy and eggs to your food addiction list..

Sarah Backshall says:

For balance, I think this book will be good and I'll be buying it as soon as it goes half-price! Pin pin!

David McClintock says:

Choco is healthy dumbfucking brit

Jonathonccb says:

Got it preordered Russ! As someone with an addictive personality(of slightly harder things than fudge cakes) there is always something to learn from someone who has been though it longer than yourself. Thanks for taking the time to write this, look forward to the release.

Derrick Wade says:

I love Russell. It's amazing how far he has come since I first saw him on MTV awards making fun of the jonas brothers for being virgins

A Trannys Voice says:

cant afford the book, not with my weed habit =D

ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia says:

Dark chocolate has iron in it, an essential nutrient that transports oxygen to the blood. Try again Russell.

Nouran says:

I need this in my life
Thank you

Jay Smythe says:

You only live once.. fuck it, eat chocolate, drink alcohol and take drugs in moderation and don't feel bad about. Simple

ChompsLewis says:

Video games? Shopping? Porn? Lol. Are those included, not all addictions involve putting things in your body or putting parts of you body in other people/things/places. Especially the gaming thing, i personally spent far too much of my youth on call of duty i think drugs would have been better at least id have had some life experience.

Goober says:

Fk off Russell you massive hippy bellend…..you claim to hate capitalism and the establishment yet you're constantly trying to sell us shit we don't need….you hypocrite!

Aesthetic Asexual says:

[how does he know]

Meli Telli says:

Wow this is going to help a lot of people! I'll be preordering, reading, and then lending this one to anyone around me needing some help! ❤️

Pam M says:

Thank You Russell Brand! You're Always An Inspiration To Me!

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