University Of San Francisco Hosts Black Only Student Orientation

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Racists at University of San Franciso decide to hold a segregated student orientation.

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lee greg says:

is America devolving?

Debedeb says:

Ppl are stupid these days

Johan Havenga says:

Do you want apartheid? this is how you get apartheid.

John Arthur says:

Good.  To be quite honest, I like this trend and I hope they continue pushing for self segregation more and more.  I used to wish we could all get along, but seeing how virulent and prevalent black racism is I think it's best we just stay separate.

Storytime626 says:

They are segregating themseleves……

Lemon Girl says:

And they have been doing this for white people forever so wtf is this channel so racist was dead??? Lmao what rock you been under. Racism for you is dead this channel is shit

Samual Whittemore says:

What's wrong with that? They are handicapped. Do y'all have no empathy for the disadvantaged? The average IQ of a Black American is 85. The average IQ of Americans in general is 98. Its obvious that they need preferential treatment.

Mayfly onTheWall says:

They are tearing down everything their parents and grandparents worked for.

metoyu38 says:

From the beginning of forced servitude on black people in this country all the way up to the civil rights movement, white folks had white only this and white only that, for over 200 years and more, now here it is one day, ONE FUCKING DAY, there is a black only event and you white folk's are throwing a tantrum like a 2 year old, unfucking believable, there's no words to describe this pyshcotic mindset

Double Cherry says:

University of San Francisco is a TERRORIST TRAINING CAMP they need to be defunded by American Especially White American Tax Dollars.

Evan Hits says:

L I B T A R D S A R E S O S T U P I D ! ! !

BeeleeDatPleighboi 100 says:

+Ro Tobey bitch stfu

Michael Foye says:

Democratic party, still scheming to bring back segregation and slavery.

Bill Russo says:

This is so ironic. Blacks had forced segregation and fought against it. Now they are forcing segregation upon themselves. They once were for integration, now no longer?


Good we need segregation

cdawson198600 says:

Have a white orientation with the rebel flag flying high, they would call that racist but not a blacks only orientation with KFC as the caterer. Don't pay attention to me though I'm just a random white guy that loves KFC 🙂

Utube are censorship Dicks says:

I wonder where all this leaves the wiggers

HyperSniper says:

Wake up white people. You think bitching about black racism on a news network will prevent this blm? Stand up for your white race and protect it from the negro. Honor your ancestors and fight back. Soros is jewish and you guys are enabling him. Heil Hitler

Imon2udude says:

It is sooo annoying when you guys do that loop thing and the hosts starts repeating what he said one minute earlier. It's clever how seemlesly you do it but still super fucking annoying. I flip it off as soon as you do that FYI.

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